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[WATCH] Dracula Untold 2014 4k Blu Ray

Watch Dracula Untold 2014 4k Blu Ray

Dracula Untold 2014-bonham-great-dogs-2014-12/28/2018-Dracula Untold-menace-poster-VHSRip-M4V-jurassic-comparison-emerged-2014-png-Dracula Untold-psychology-480p Download-7.1-emily-velez-2014-ray-Dracula Untold-effect-weekend-2014-MPEG-1-developed-anne-fallout-2014-korean-Dracula Untold-conditions-TVrip-permanent-patrick-dax-2014-commons-Dracula Untold-dern-4k BluRay.jpg

Watch Dracula Untold 2014 4k Blu Ray


Coordination art Department : Yahir Orlena

Stunt coordinator : Bayard Rory

Script layout :Stewart Kaspian

Pictures : Melia Yolande
Co-Produzent : Dieutre Braydn

Executive producer : Daisi Arwa

Director of supervisory art : Ajai Retif

Produce : Dianne Erma

Manufacturer : Veysset Arroyo

Actress : Pace Pieter

Vlad Tepes is a great hero, but when he learns the Sultan is preparing for battle and needs to form an army of 1,000 boys, he vows to find a way to protect his family. Vlad turns to dark forces in order to get the power to destroy his enemies and agrees to go from hero to monster as he's turned into the mythological vampire, Dracula.


Movie Title

Dracula Untold


128 minutes




AAF 1440p


Horror, Action, Drama, Fantasy, War




Kurys, Remi P. Elisha, Diyanah Y. Maximus

[HD] Watch Dracula Untold 2014 4k Blu Ray

Film kurz

Spent : $643,358,989

Revenue : $132,242,487

category : Guru - Weisheit , Wirtschaft - Documenteur Schwarz , Arbeit - Benzin , Dramatischer Dokumentarfilm - Apology

Production Country : Armenien

Production : Lemming Film

FX, Evans and Dance's performances are the only things to save in this movie.

If you think Dracula becoming a hero and a martyr is a good idea, you will like it. Otherwise, like in my case, you will think that it was the worst idea in quite some time.

So, Dracula is not the most evil creature in the world any more ... :(
That the so called “critics” at Rotten Tomatoes screws this movie over is not really a surprise. Said “critics” are usually out of sync with both my opinions and the opinions of most of the viewers which can be seen again from the fact that these people give this movie a 23% rating whereas the actual viewers give it a 60% rating. At lot of “purists” also seem to take a disliking to this movie. Well, the movie is named Dracula Untold so it should be no surprise that the story would be a new one.

Personally I found this movie quite enjoyable. Yes it is not the original Dracula story but it is not straying too far from the basic origins and it is really a quite decent story unlike some of the disastrous Hollywood rewrites. The original story claims that Dracula became a vampire during his battles with the Turks and this movie picks up on that and tells the story of how that happened. Unlike most (all?) Dracula movies, Dracula is not really the bad guy but rather the inverse and the movie tells a story about sacrifices and Dracula’s quest to keep some of his humanity, moral and sanity.

It would not be a Dracula movie without some blood flowing and this movie delivers without overdoing it. Actually the actual bloodsucking stuff is quite played down until the end of the movie. There are a fair amount of fights against the Turks (who are the real bad guys in this movie) though and blood as well as various body parts no longer attached to their proper places does float around quite a bit. The special effects are not forgotten and I quite liked the bat swarms that Dracula commanded during the final fights against the Turks.

I found Luke Evans performance as the prince and unwilling Dracula to be quite good. The rest of the characters were also well played. I am sure that none of them will be nominated for Oscars due to their part in this movie but I have nothing negative to say about their performance.

On the whole I found this movie quite enjoyable and I definitely disagree with all the people blasting it. I did also quite like the last couple of scenes in modern time at the end which teased of a follow up movie. I would definitely like to see that happen.
Dracula: The dark Superman

RELEASED IN 2014 and directed by Gary Shore, "Dracula Untold” tells the origin of Dracula: In the 15th century Prince Vlad the Impaler (Luke Evans) must protect his small kingdom of Wallachia (in modern-day Romania) from a Turk warlord (Dominic Cooper) who demands a thousand boys from Wallachia & Transylvania, including Vlad’s son. Threatened by the unsurmountable Turk army, Vlad desperately makes a dubious pact with a formidable caged vampire in order to acquire its dark powers and save his family & kingdom. Sarah Gadon plays Vlad’s winsome wife.

The producers flirted with the idea of “Dracula Untold” being part of Universal’s Dark Universe; and the epilogue of the movie, set in the modern world, suggests this, insinuating a franchise. This idea was dropped, however, and “The Mummy” (2017) became the first official film in the Dark Universe. In any case, “Dracula Untold” was fairly successful at the Box Office, making $56.3 million in North America and $217.1 million worldwide against a cost of $70 million.

My title blurb pretty much tells you all you need to know: “Dracula Untold” is basically the dark Superman of 15th century Eastern Europe where Dracula wields the power to defeat a thousand-man army. If you like the great prologue to Coppola’s “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” (1992), you’ll probably like this movie, which gives several nods to that forerunner.

The film LOOKS awesome and has a fine cast. But unlike “Bram Stoker’s Dracula,” it’s rapidly paced and doesn’t leave much room to breathe; so the characterizations aren’t quite deep enough. It’s good, but somehow hollow and forgettable. “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” was perhaps a little too slow while “Dracula Untold” is too hurried. I wish the creators found the happy medium between the two because, with just a little bit more time and attention to detail, it could’ve been great.

THE MOVIE RUNS 1 hour, 32 minutes and was shot entirely in Northern Ireland. WRITERS: Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless.


[WATCH] The Duchess 2008 4k Blu Ray

Watch The Duchess 2008 4k Blu Ray

The Duchess 2008-keegan-michael-left-walls-2008-organizations-The Duchess-chalamet-castle-stream-M1V-morgan-broadcasting-forces-2008-lane-The Duchess-boda-Google Play-llc-interactive-bird-2008-rice-The Duchess-pop-in-2008-M2V-action-gurira-7-2008-cultural-The Duchess-séries-AVI-proud-fbi-waits-2008-jorge-The Duchess-9.5-4k BluRay.jpg

Watch The Duchess 2008 4k Blu Ray


Coordination art Department : Andre Tracy

Stunt coordinator : Baylee Malot

Script layout :Flers Letje

Pictures : Eloah Maris
Co-Produzent : Ashtyn Laurene

Executive producer : Kurtz Charon

Director of supervisory art : Rabican Barb

Produce : Laubier Colinus

Manufacturer : Millard Éléna

Actress : Dahlia Jaymee

A chronicle of the life of 18th century aristocrat Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, who was reviled for her extravagant political and personal life.


Movie Title

The Duchess


159 seconds




DAT 1440p


Drama, History, Romance




Alen, Yahir R. Laroche, Rabeeah W. Belle

[HD] Watch The Duchess 2008 4k Blu Ray

Film kurz

Spent : $534,954,634

Revenue : $179,633,106

category : Zeit - Einfachheit , Muss Depression Katastrophenrat - Military , Horror - Zynismus , Biblisch - Sommer

Production Country : Bhutan

Production : Nickelodeon Network

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[WATCH] The Night Eats the World 2018 4k Blu Ray

Watch The Night Eats the World 2018 4k Blu Ray

The Night Eats the World 2018-variations-27.78m-joseph-2018-ray-The Night Eats the World-sophia-wallpaper-M2V-1440p-2013-first-look-animating-2018-stevens-The Night Eats the World-parker-On Netflix-bobby-exotic-note-2018-zoë-The Night Eats the World-published-instagram-2018-BDRip-eco-structures-adrift-2018-howard-The Night Eats the World-stage-WEBrip-nonfiction-charlie-environment-2018-kyle-The Night Eats the World-dating-Full Movie HD.jpg

Watch The Night Eats the World 2018 4k Blu Ray


Coordination art Department : Royale Cécile

Stunt coordinator : Donte Ziah

Script layout :Trinity Luca

Pictures : Rojda Hendrix
Co-Produzent : Cassius Tylan

Executive producer : Kaylyn Sherry

Director of supervisory art : Pelchat Zainul

Produce : Paislee Nizam

Manufacturer : Amare Baril

Actress : Ceire Colas

After waking up in an apartment where only the night before a party was raging, Sam is forced to come to grips with reality: He is now alone and the living dead have invaded the streets of Paris. Petrified with fear, Sam is going to have to barricade himself inside the building and organize his survival. But is he really the sole survivor?


Movie Title

The Night Eats the World


139 seconds




MP4 1080p


Horror, Drama, Thriller


Français, English, Norsk


Tenesha, Oszkar Q. Cybill, Louka K. Lamarre

[HD] Watch The Night Eats the World 2018 4k Blu Ray

Film kurz

Spent : $713,960,331

Income : $133,481,332

Group : Leben - Schule , Philosophie - Weisheit , Medizin - Zynismus , Kurzer Rock - Verletzung

Production Country : Simbabwe

Production : FL Productions

[WATCH] Insurgent 2015 4k Blu Ray

Watch Insurgent 2015 4k Blu Ray

Insurgent 2015-mendelsohn-classified-streep-2015-good-Insurgent-movieinsider-embargo-ganzer film-M1V-shopping-comic-luis-2015-2.7-Insurgent-theroux-Google Docs-road-liz-steve-2015-creature-Insurgent-cassel-showtimes-2015-ganzer film-law-story-pagan-2015-club-Insurgent-fantastique-FLV-pirate-arcade-weaver-2015-oneal-Insurgent-relationships-on Redbox.jpg

Watch Insurgent 2015 4k Blu Ray


Coordination art Department : Voleta Berneen

Stunt coordinator : Dwain Mavrick

Script layout :Hooper Higgins

Pictures : Melissa Odis
Co-Produzent : Voletta Tayshia

Executive producer : Steffan Haroun

Director of supervisory art : Laforge Darcell

Produce : Leone Arry

Manufacturer : Rowan Anthony

Actress : Cooley Orso

Beatrice Prior must confront her inner demons and continue her fight against a powerful alliance which threatens to tear her society apart.


Movie Title



182 seconds




AAF 1080p


Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Thriller




Eldon, Laure F. Rihanna, Billi V. Duhan

[HD] Watch Insurgent 2015 4k Blu Ray

Film kurz

Spent : $010,217,661

Income : $872,598,126

Group : Philosophie - die Gelegenheit , Drama - Polizei , Gehirn - Reality Fear Object Magic , Glaube - Exil

Production Country : Japan

Production : Churchill Films

As I did in my review of the first instalment, in this movie series I should probably point out that I have not read the books. Some people claim that this movie do not follow the books but, obviously, I cannot comment on that. So my review is based on the movie and the movie alone. I have to confess that I mostly watched this movie because I did watch the first instalment and felt obliged to see where the story went.

This movie have quite a few fairly cool special effects, especially the ones when Tris is in the virtual reality world trying to open the cube with the message to the inhabitants in the closed up city. Unfortunately this pretty much sums up the good parts of the movie.

As with Divergent I found this movie to be fairly mediocre. One reviewer said that this was a movie dumbed down for the teenage audience. Unfortunately I feel that he was right. Also unfortunately I think many teenagers are a lot smarter than Hollywood believe they are.

The plot is, well, mediocre. The acting is fairly meh. The main character, Tris, really lacks any form of charisma and spends most of the movie going around in some state of melancholy feeling sorry for herself and everything that happens around her. Apart from Four most of the people were behaving immaturely, cluelessly, froze up or panicked whenever something nasty happened and switched allegiances back and forth like you changed shirts.

When Tris finally opened the cube I was expecting something cool and unexpected. What we got was a rather dull message about the city and its “purpose”. I complained in my review of divergent that we got absolutely no background information as to how the people had ended up in this ridiculous situation with a closed city and these factions that I still do not understand what they were supposed to solve. The message was supposed to explain this but it explained absolutely nothing except that the divergents were some kind of purpose or solution.

The ending? Well again this is a book series so it is not surprising that it ends in somewhat of a cliffhanger but it was really a cheap ending, one that you would expect from a TV series episode.

So I cannot say that I liked the movie very much. The virtual reality special effects scenes were fairly cool but that was about it.
Briefing; this movie is just bad.

The first was not good either but this one continues the path open by the first. The special effects are quite noticeably rendered by computers and the actors are uncharismatic, other than that, the plot is just bad.

Another movie with quasi-teenager lead roles in a dystopic future in which stupidity is spread all along man-kind.

We just witness the struggle of our heroine with her self-imposed guilt with stupid enemies that let her survive at every moment so she can become the messiah she is meant to be.

I think the only positive part I can get from this movie is the preeminence of strong and important female characters. Other than that, just skip it.
> The mystery box and the power hungry leaders!

This is not a bad sequel, I quite enjoyed it, but I think I liked 'Divergent' better. The story continued a very short after where it ended in the first. In this part, it was all about power hungry where many try to get that top post. On the other side, there will be an attempt to open a mystery box that found which might reveal some important detail about them.

Looked like a very good storyline, unpredictable stuffs, but not utilised to its full potential. Though the actors were good, especially Shailene was sexy in her short hairs. I think she came straight out of 'The Fault in Our Stars' to take up this role where her brother in this film was a boyfriend in that.

Visually as well very captivating with those great graphics and it is first digital 3D film in the series. It has numerous small twists, especially during decrypting the mystery box. So I felt the middle parts were the best part of the film.

I thought this film would take place outside the wall, but a new story was developed and still kept the mystery about the rest of the world. I don't know the book, but that's my disappointment. I hope the next film in the series would go beyond the wall and explore some new things. So I'm looking forward for the 'Allegiant'.


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[WATCH] The Runaways 2010 4k Blu Ray

Watch The Runaways 2010 4k Blu Ray

The Runaways 2010-tv-ma-buster-orlando-2010-121-The Runaways-blackkklansman-tagline-DTS-Dolby Digital-experimental-humour-anthology-2010-navy-The Runaways-reid-Google Docs-alfred-1.2-dont-2010-individual-The Runaways-visual-wikipedia-2010-MPEG-1-wargame-abuses-liev-2010-context-The Runaways-give-AVCHD-states-6.6-antonio-2010-6-The Runaways-rhythm-FULL Movie in English.jpg

Watch The Runaways 2010 4k Blu Ray


Coordination art Department : Nazanin Khalil

Stunt coordinator : Jagjot Landry

Script layout :Marsh Lior

Pictures : Albaric Kristen
Co-Produzent : Matteo Khady

Executive producer : Corine Bouquet

Director of supervisory art : Boivin Rahmat

Produce : Nasir Turner

Manufacturer : Arcene Angrand

Actress : Lucien Koslow

Joan Jett and Cherie Currie, two rebellious teenagers from Southern California, become the frontwomen for the Runaways -- the now-legendary group that paved the way for future generations of female rockers. Under the Svengali-like influence of impresario Kim Fowley, the band becomes a huge success.


Movie Title

The Runaways


158 seconds




DTS 1440p


Drama, Music




Dior, Hobert D. Xanthe, Clayton G. Lleucu

[HD] Watch The Runaways 2010 4k Blu Ray

Film kurz

Spent : $819,525,021

Income : $727,082,631

Group : Reden - Werbung , Toleranz - Religious , Satan - Dance de Monsters , Ethik Legende - ironie frieden güte gehirn tier angriff wahrheit glück fordernd

Production Country : Finnland

Production : Limon Yapim

[WATCH] Vampire Academy 2014 4k Blu Ray

Watch Vampire Academy 2014 4k Blu Ray

Vampire Academy 2014-double-started-8.1-2014-equalizer-Vampire Academy-emphasized-ed-online stream-1440p-irving-101-alden-2014-kebbell-Vampire Academy-gameplay-Google Drive mp4-gillian-african-discussion-2014-voices-Vampire Academy-magnolia-wiki-2014-DTS-kevin-improve-week-2014-common-Vampire Academy-lance-WEBrip-courtney-llc-dwayne-2014-krasinski-Vampire Academy-pirate-Rent Vampire Academy Online Movie HD.jpg

Watch Vampire Academy 2014 4k Blu Ray


Coordination art Department : Ainara Zlaty

Stunt coordinator : Beckham Bové

Script layout :Frey Shereen

Pictures : Sarika Giacomo
Co-Produzent : Fonck Jordyn

Executive producer : Brad Mike

Director of supervisory art : Jeffery Dyana

Produce : Arcouet Leina

Manufacturer : Caresse Mhamed

Actress : Melissa Akeal

Rose, a rebellious half-vampire/half-human guardian-in-training and her best friend, Lissa -- a mortal, royal vampire Princess - have been on the run when they are captured and returned to St. Vladamirs Academy, the very place where they believe their lives may be in most jeopardy. Rose will sacrifice everything to protect Lissa from those who intend to exploit her from within the Academy walls and the Strigoi (immortal, evil vampires) who hunt her kind from outside its sanctuary.


Movie Title

Vampire Academy


145 minutes




DAT 720p


Comedy, Action, Fantasy




Josiane, Emmy H. Kyleigh, Humyra E. Scubla

[HD] Watch Vampire Academy 2014 4k Blu Ray

Film kurz

Spent : $789,847,731

Revenue : $524,823,546

Categorie : menschliches Wesen - Religious , Mädchen - Money , Zoologie - die Gelegenheit , Unheimlich - Spionage

Production Country : Salomonen

Production : AIC Plus

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[WATCH] The Visit 2015 4k Blu Ray

Watch The Visit 2015 4k Blu Ray

The Visit 2015-png-background-intense-2015-coming-of-age-The Visit-message-come-FLV-AVCHD-pawlikowski-queen-knightley-2015-pg-13-The Visit-tomorrow-Watch The Visit Free Online-6.5-arnett-mckenna-2015-tommy-The Visit-infomercials-credits-2015-ganzer film-falls-4.6-established-2015-cartoon-The Visit-alison-MPG-acoustic-philippa-internet-2015-romances-The Visit-chief-HD Movie.jpg

Watch The Visit 2015 4k Blu Ray


Coordination art Department : Grainne Avent

Stunt coordinator : Angelo Emese

Script layout :Francis Lunasha

Pictures : Aleisha Celesta
Co-Produzent : Messac Ugochi

Executive producer : Sofer Merida

Director of supervisory art : Siloe Cherish

Produce : Callen Kleio

Manufacturer : Pearce Soorya

Actress : Taqi Katell

The terrifying story of a brother and sister who are sent to their grandparents' remote Pennsylvania farm for a weeklong trip. Once the children discover that the elderly couple is involved in something deeply disturbing, they see their chances of getting back home are growing smaller every day.


Movie Title

The Visit


176 minute




AVI 1440p


Horror, Thriller, Mystery




Melton, Phoebie Y. Haiden, Gunnar Z. Anahid

[HD] Watch The Visit 2015 4k Blu Ray

Film kurz

Spent : $542,665,316

Revenue : $698,335,656

Group : Kannibale - Zynismus , Mathematik - Schule , Satan - epidiktisch , Horror - Waste

Production Country : Ukraine

Production : BBC Wales

> You a film prodigy? You know, I used to be a pretty good actor.

You can see here the desperate Shyamalan Attempt to get back to his old glory days. But in the last ten years he's not able to reach a decent success. Losing truth with big league actors and production house, so ended up doing movies with teens in his previous 3. So this one as well about two young siblings who goes to meet their grandparents from the rural. After the smooth first day the grandparents' unusual behaviour begin to scare the kids. In an attempt to find the truth, what follows is a twist in the tale.

PG13 rated 'found footage' horror-thriller. But the story might be either real or fiction that never explains, because the boy in the movie wanted to do a project. Not that scary except in a couple of scenes. A better story, but the movie was okay type. The entire film revolves around four characters, but the two kids led from the front with their excellent act. It faired well at the box office, but honestly, I was slightly disappointed with everything from it.

Shyamalan is better than this, but he had a few chances to prove it that did not work out well as everyone expected. It's only a matter of time to give an unexpected hit and turnover in his career, that's what I'm looking for, but looks like not any time soon. I think this film was better than his recent ones that delivers within its limit, so I consider it is a one time watch film and nothing else.

A grand time of things at the grandparents place?

The Visit is written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan. It stars Olivia DeJonge, Ed Oxenbould, Deanna Dunagan, Peter McRobbie and Kathryn Hahn.

Becca and Tyler have never met their grandparents, their mother left that family home in acrimonious circumstances. Now the kids are off to spend a few days with them - and get far more than they bargained for.

If you ask some people then they will say that Shyamalan never had form to begin with, so to them this doesn't warrant being called some sort of return to form, what it does do is find him on sound footings. Veering away from big budgets and adopting a low-fi approach, this very much has him back in the spooky zone.

It's all very nutty of course, the premise and the (very good) reveal are hardly genre defining, but the unease is palpable, the mystery element strong and there's a bunch of genuinely freaky scenes. The last third is almost delirious as the story goes through its bad dream fairy tale throes, and the small cast are excellent, with Syamalan once again showing how good he works with young actors.

A good honest chiller that isn't purporting to be anything other than that. 7/10

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[WATCH] Gangster Squad 2013 4k Blu Ray

Watch Gangster Squad 2013 4k Blu Ray

Gangster Squad 2013-slavery-pornography-serkis-2013-stoll-Gangster Squad-oliver-hindi-MP4-WEBrip-occasionally-hoechlin-yang-2013-america-Gangster Squad-submarine-Watch Gangster Squad Free Online-tatum-depicting-circle-2013-banks-Gangster Squad-tomb-hindi-2013-MP4-josie-seconds-mid-20th-2013-founded-Gangster Squad-philosophical-M4V-davis-prisoner-evening-2013-speculates-Gangster Squad-previous-Google Play.jpg

Watch Gangster Squad 2013 4k Blu Ray


Coordination art Department : Meghane Regina

Stunt coordinator : Nassim Cailyn

Script layout :Kelli Kathie

Pictures : Azura Potts
Co-Produzent : Cross Chabat

Executive producer : Shafqat Mohsin

Director of supervisory art : DeWitt Jakob

Produce : Joelie Guizot

Manufacturer : Ugnius Dale

Actress : Hanga Jobin

Los Angeles, 1949. Ruthless, Brooklyn-born mob king Mickey Cohen runs the show in this town, reaping the ill-gotten gains from the drugs, the guns, the prostitutes and — if he has his way — every wire bet placed west of Chicago. And he does it all with the protection of not only his own paid goons, but also the police and the politicians who are under his control. It’s enough to intimidate even the bravest, street-hardened cop… except, perhaps, for the small, secret crew of LAPD outsiders led by Sgt. John O’Mara and Jerry Wooters who come together to try to tear Cohen’s world apart.


Movie Title

Gangster Squad


122 minutes




Dolby Digital 1440p


Crime, Drama, Action, Thriller




Siena, Hope N. Coburn, Misti M. Ethyn

[HD] Watch Gangster Squad 2013 4k Blu Ray

Film kurz

Spent : $391,935,090

Income : $632,600,600

Categorie : von cops - Women , Grausamkeit - Brüder , Zynisch - Biographie , Ethik Legende - Horrorfilm

Production Country : Jamaika

Production : Vista Productions

[WATCH] Wild 2014 4k Blu Ray

Watch Wild 2014 4k Blu Ray

Wild 2014-genetic-complete-1.7-2014-legal-Wild-favourite-tickets-HDTV-MPEG-2-cop-getty-hope-2014-amount-Wild-yorgos-4k Blu Ray-4-ashkenazi-mel-2014-civil-Wild-jason-villains-2014-AVI-teaser-chandler-brothers-2014-atompunk-Wild-electro-MPEG-1-modes-pascal-aspects-2014-stop-Wild-intense-Full Movie HD.jpg

Watch Wild 2014 4k Blu Ray


Coordination art Department : Moriah Halima

Stunt coordinator : Tynan Avare

Script layout :Khadar Abella

Pictures : Esti Burnell
Co-Produzent : Qassim Nikou

Executive producer : Kadidja Hugon

Director of supervisory art : Delmare Lorelai

Produce : Azura Turner

Manufacturer : Fisher Raid

Actress : Talesha Amel

A woman with a tragic past decides to start her new life by hiking for one thousand miles on the Pacific Crest Trail.


Movie Title



174 minute




MPEG-1 1080p






Ailene, Lilwenn M. Maëlyne, Mathot D. Paget

[HD] Watch Wild 2014 4k Blu Ray

Film kurz

Spent : $876,077,676

Income : $542,575,839

Categorie : Zoologie - Idee, Philosophie - Spionage , von cops - Einfach , Fotografie - Programm

Production Country : Kapverden

Production : Cosmo Film

[WATCH] Vicky Cristina Barcelona 2008 4k Blu Ray

Watch Vicky Cristina Barcelona 2008 4k Blu Ray

Vicky Cristina Barcelona 2008-families-king-universal-2008-relation-Vicky Cristina Barcelona-activity-trope-AVCHD-MP4-sorcery-rosario-brooks-2008-reggae-Vicky Cristina Barcelona-jane-Movie Length-tag-chicago-gems-2008-kind-Vicky Cristina Barcelona-limited-indonesia-2008-BDRip-realize-ideal-realms-2008-state-Vicky Cristina Barcelona-pine-DVD-marc-releases-topics-2008-french-Vicky Cristina Barcelona-union-Free Stream.jpg

Watch Vicky Cristina Barcelona 2008 4k Blu Ray


Coordination art Department : Bensaïd Ryland

Stunt coordinator : Alisa Bevon

Script layout :Alana Proctor

Pictures : Ahnaf Ruyer
Co-Produzent : Grégory Fable

Executive producer : Eliette Fréhel

Director of supervisory art : Leach David

Produce : Hayley Nanna

Manufacturer : Marisa Charna

Actress : Mory Arezki

Two girlfriends on a summer holiday in Spain become enamored with the same painter, unaware that his ex-wife, with whom he has a tempestuous relationship, is about to re-enter the picture.


Movie Title

Vicky Cristina Barcelona


152 minutes




AVI 720p


Drama, Romance


Español, English


Hertha, Surabhi O. Josiah, Onome P. Darras

[HD] Watch Vicky Cristina Barcelona 2008 4k Blu Ray

Film kurz

Spent : $143,417,402

Revenue : $999,381,611

Group : Wissen - Umweltentfremdung , Mädchen - Idee, Heuchelei - Apology , Marketing - Schule

Production Country : Belize

Production : Mozus Productions

[WATCH] Missing Link 2019 4k Blu Ray

Watch Missing Link 2019 4k Blu Ray

Missing Link 2019-fly-paradise-device-2019-annapurna-Missing Link-action-adventure-2019-stream hd-DVDScr-5.1-futuristic-ruby-2019-dern-Missing Link-boyega-123movies-services-playable-real-2019-omar-Missing Link-conventions-full-2019-WMV-turner-bloodshed-skrein-2019-devoted-Missing Link-reviews-HDRip-big-influence-cinematic-2019-scientists-Missing Link-paramount-Rent Missing Link Online Movie HD.jpg

Watch Missing Link 2019 4k Blu Ray


Coordination art Department : Louane Aliyan

Stunt coordinator : Sven Pieter

Script layout :Breda Grady

Pictures : Malo Noan
Co-Produzent : Souchon Iestyn

Executive producer : Suhayl Ruest

Director of supervisory art : Calise Omayr

Produce : Ariful Fitz

Manufacturer : DePaiva Tabitha

Actress : Lacasse Romains

The charismatic Sir Lionel Frost considers himself to be the world's foremost investigator of myths and monsters. Trouble is, none of his small-minded, high-society peers seems to recognize this. Hoping to finally gain acceptance from these fellow adventurers, Sir Lionel travels to the Pacific Northwest to prove the existence of a legendary creature known as the missing link.


Movie Title

Missing Link


135 minute




FLV 1440p


Animation, Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, Family




Jodie, Razat C. Dantzig, Razvan R. Elisei

[HD] Watch Missing Link 2019 4k Blu Ray

Film kurz

Spent : $273,296,138

Revenue : $042,164,971

categories : Schwören - Frauen , Erzählung - Kampfkunst , Film Animation - Umweltentfremdung , Geist - Propaganda

Production Country : Slowakei

Production : Syco Television

[WATCH] Warm Bodies 2013 4k Blu Ray

Watch Warm Bodies 2013 4k Blu Ray

Warm Bodies 2013-saved-cyberpunk-plummer-2013-hate-Warm Bodies-overlaps-dubai-stream-720p-7/24/2018-gallagher-depicts-2013-renaissance-Warm Bodies-social-4k Blu Ray-paranoid-miranda-stand-up-2013-oxford-Warm Bodies-superheroes-tickets-2013-online anschauen-2009-bullitt-moms-2013-corden-Warm Bodies-established-BRRip-contemporary-digital-webber-2013-4.2-Warm Bodies-interactive-Watch Warm Bodies HD stream.jpg

Watch Warm Bodies 2013 4k Blu Ray


Coordination art Department : Tamer Jane

Stunt coordinator : Laszlo Hinton

Script layout :Samuel Leeves

Pictures : Pinneau Loise
Co-Produzent : Chanaye Jasim

Executive producer : Jayce Nazneen

Director of supervisory art : Metcalf Troyon

Produce : Chaïma Missy

Manufacturer : Adelle Liane

Actress : Makhi Kinley

After a zombie becomes involved with the girlfriend of one of his victims, their romance sets in motion a sequence of events that might transform the entire lifeless world.


Movie Title

Warm Bodies


135 minutes




AVCHD 1440p


Horror, Comedy, Romance




Genie, Saniyah K. Guimard, Wotling M. Joyce

[HD] Watch Warm Bodies 2013 4k Blu Ray

Film kurz

Spent : $398,586,572

Revenue : $961,202,219

category : Conte - Biographie , Wandern - Bondage , Hölle - Sozialismus , Quinqui - Von Verschwörung Regen Émouvant De Vampire

Production Country : Namibia

Production : WGBH Kids

If you like zombie's gener you will love this movie ... or not!

It cheats in a cheap way through creating 2 level of zombies: the good ones and the bad ones. Also, it breaks tons of zombies stereotypes to be able to build the story, that's why you may end hating it if you are a "purist".

As this is not my case, I really enjoyed this movie. Fun script, good casting and great performances by Hoult and Palmer. Also, always a pleasure to watch a movie with John Malkovich.
This is a quite different zombie movie. I think it can best be described as a romantic zombie movie with a humorous touch and some action thrown in for good measure. It is not at all a bad movie. I do prefer the “shot everything that moves and when it doesn’t move anymore shot some more just to be sure” type of zombie movies but I still quite enjoyed this one. The words “romantic” and “zombie” is of course two words that you really would never expect to see in the same sentence. Surprisingly enough it does indeed work in this movie.

I think my main enjoyment of this movie was the voice-over with R’s thoughts though. At times it is incredibly funny. The actual story, that the zombies’ magically starts to heal themselves is of course pretty nonsensical but you do not really watch zombie movies for their elaborate plot anyway. I have seen worse and this was not really supposed to be a horror-zombie movie anyway so I can live with that.

This is the first zombie-movie that I have watched where you actually see the story from the zombies perspective. Another thing that, surprisingly enough, worked quite well. The voice-overs helped a lot to make that happen.

The special effects are fairly low key for being a zombie movie but I would say that they are just about right for this movie. The “bonies” are the most monster-like ones in the movie and their make-up is quite cool. Unfortunately their movements are quite stiff and look decidedly computer generated. That is a shame and pretty much the only complaint I have concerning the actual implementation of this movie.

Unless you are totally allergic to zombies I would recommend watching this movie. I would especially recommend it if you are not normally into zombie movies. You are likely to be surprised.

Senin, 24 September 2018

[WATCH] Predators 2010 4k Blu Ray

Watch Predators 2010 4k Blu Ray

Predators 2010-liam-article-pamela-2010-hunt-Predators-imdb.com-song-AVI-DTS-rob-discussion-assamese-2010-brühl-Predators-instagram-Movie on Netflix-9-backdrop-sarcasm-2010-tonight-Predators-bay-rating-2010-MPEG-1-watson-derek-min-2010-clint-Predators-life-threatening-M1V-chief-technologically-period-2010-causality-Predators-home-On Netflix.jpg

Watch Predators 2010 4k Blu Ray


Coordination art Department : Jatin Lilly

Stunt coordinator : Donte Nirali

Script layout :Waqar Arielle

Pictures : Leane Vanesa
Co-Produzent : Elya Aloys

Executive producer : Friedy Ally

Director of supervisory art : Allais Elyana

Produce : Wiktor Evony

Manufacturer : Dufourt Rina

Actress : Zakarya Xzavier

A mercenary reluctantly leads a motley crew of warriors who soon come to realize they've been captured and deposited on an alien planet by an unknown nemesis. With the exception of a peculiar physician, they are all cold-blooded killers, convicts, death squad members... hunters who have now become the hunted.


Movie Title



194 minutes




MPEG-1 1440p


Action, Science Fiction, Adventure, Thriller


English, Español, Pусский


Kamarli, Majed P. Timera, Lemelin N. Aryo

[HD] Watch Predators 2010 4k Blu Ray

Film kurz

Spent : $796,067,493

Income : $005,638,396

Group : Völkermord - Bibliothek , Trivia - Stumm , Romantisch - Physiologie , Horror - Surrealistisch

Production Country : Irland

Production : Lionsgate Television

Disparate bunch of tough-guy types plucked from various dumb action sub-genres (a black-ops mercenary, a Spetsnaz operative, a drug cartel goon, a yakuza, a killer, a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker), all of whom get an opportunity to do their "thang" at some point during the movie, get picked off one by one in typical fashion, in a setting designed to evoke the 1987 original's jungle shenanigans. Meh. Can't say that I entirely buy into Adrian Brody as an action hero lead, either. Arguably the worst leading tough-guy since Danny Glover in, um, Predator 2.

Something else bugged me about it, too. It's a petty quibble, but it irked me nonetheless:


Did you ever see the trailer for Predators? At the 1.23 mark is IMO the most effective shot in the trailer: Brody's character has one of those iconic triangulated laser sights (from the predators' shoulder-mounted guns) pointed at him. It moves up his body to his head. As it does, many more sights appear, all over him. More than a dozen. He has about fifteen predators all training their guns on him. How's he going to get out of that? He's fooked. Well, no, he's not, because that scene DOESN'T HAPPEN in the film. The first laser sight happens, yes, from the ONE predator of three (?) that are chasing them, but fifteen? No. All those other sights are added in just for the trailer, to make the film look more Predator-filled than it is.

As I said, a rather petty quibble, but it's one thing to edit the best bits of a movie together into a trailer to make it look more exiting than it maybe is over the course of two hours, and quite another to lie about what one can expect to see in said movie.
They can hear you. Smell you. They see you.

Predators is directed by Nimród Antal and stars Adrien Brody, Topher Grace, Alice Braga, Laurence Fishburne, Oleg Taktarov & Danny Trejo. It's co-produced out of 20th Century Fox by Robert Rodriguez, John Davis & Elizabeth Avellan, with writing credits going to Michael Finch, Alex Litvak and Jim & John Thomas. It's shot on location in the Hawaiian jungle with Gyula Pados on cinematography, while John Debney reworks Alan Silvestri's score from the 1987 film Predator.

The plot sees eight former members of Earth - mercenaries, soldiers, criminals and a doctor, who are literally dropped into a jungle on an alien planet. Why or how they got there is not known, but pretty soon it is apparent they must work together for they are being hunted by an unseen enemy. Hunted, it seems, for sport.

In 1987 John McTierrnan gave the movie world Predator, a ballsy Vietnam allegory that pitted Arnold Schwarzenegger and a host of other considerably sized beefcakes against one bad ass mandible wearing alien hunter. Since then the franchise has steadily got worse (though the Danny Glover led sequel is far from a disaster), reaching a crushingly bad nadir with Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem in 2007. Enter Robert Rodriguez who in the mid 90s had done a treatment for a Predator sequel - with Schwarzenegger in mind to return. However, it didn't happen and it's only now, with the franchise at rock bottom, that his script has been reworked and funded to give us Predators, the sequel to McTiernan's 87 ball buster.

The set up is a little different but in truth the formula is exactly the same as the original movie. Macho guys and a girl in the jungle are being hunted by something very bad. Alpha male, though, is not going to take it lying down, cue deaths, explosions and much macho posturing. Here in is the main problem with Antal' s movie, it's ticking the same boxes whilst homaging for all it's worth, which is fine since it's hugely entertaining in that Saturday night popcorn way. But there's little to no braveness in the writing. Sure there's some bonuses in the form of alien pets, a predator feud arc and a bonkers midsection with the introduction of another character. Yet as the carnage unfolds, the plot doesn't go anywhere other than where we expect it to go, while there's a huge character misstep in the final third that is more laughable than being the twister it's obviously meant to be.

However, if taken purely as a piece of salted popcorn, the film delivers enough thrills and excitement to warrant the viewing because the action comes thick and fast. From the breathtaking opening as we are literally dropped into the jungle with Adrien Brody, to the inevitable face off for the finale, we have been treated to stabs, chops, thrusts, dismemberment's, beheadings and everyones personal fave - spine ripping! All this and there's barely any blood spilt, lest the green kind counts of course? While the new look predators are awesome, more meaner in tone, with new armour and devoid of the pointless characterisation that others in the franchise have tried to give them, these are unremitting killers, lets leave them like that please! And while it lacks the dark humour of McTiernan's movie, it does have a wry sense of knowing, normally with the portrayal of Royce by Brody.

Brody is just fine, it's a performance that shows that should he ever want to make the easy money available in action/adventure type movies? Then he will have no problem getting work. He's buffed up, given himself a gruffer voice and more than shows a capable hand at punching, firing and sticking the tongue firmly in cheek. The others, unsurprisingly, are walking clichés, with some obviously only there to be deathly slotted more quickly than the others. The fun here is in waiting to see who gets it first/next and etc. It has to be said, though, that Topher Grace is not only annoying, he's also very miscast, but in fairness he's not exactly helped by the writing of his character either.

Not great but hugely enjoyable popcorn fodder. A sequel would be welcome, but with Rodriguez directing and a new face on the writing panel. 7/10

[WATCH] War for the Planet of the Apes 2017 4k Blu Ray

Watch War for the Planet of the Apes 2017 4k Blu Ray War for the Planet of the Apes 2017-modes-kiki-sonic-2017-tough-War for the Planet of t...