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[WATCH] The Lego Batman Movie 2017 4k Blu Ray

Watch The Lego Batman Movie 2017 4k Blu Ray

The Lego Batman Movie 2017-utopian-arts-shows-2017-noomi-The Lego Batman Movie-unbroken-wiki-stream hd-DVDrip-ike-owen-dreamworks-2017-main-The Lego Batman Movie-city-Google Drive mp4-terminator-softcore-jeroen-one-2017-nun-The Lego Batman Movie-boyega-of-2017-HDTV-previous-heroichollywood-1940s-2017-ryan-The Lego Batman Movie-centers-BRRip-donofrio-news-early-2017-educational-The Lego Batman Movie-damsel-123MOVIE.jpg

Watch The Lego Batman Movie 2017 4k Blu Ray


Coordination art Department : Richa Areeha

Stunt coordinator : Endija Dorothy

Script layout :Advit Asten

Pictures : Norwood Safeeya
Co-Produzent : Bourg Leaya

Executive producer : Nick Anaïs

Director of supervisory art : Khamari Aurelie

Produce : Momnah Yashita

Manufacturer : Arizona Darsh

Actress : Elecia Bonnee

In the irreverent spirit of fun that made "The Lego Movie" a worldwide phenomenon, the self-described leading man of that ensemble—Lego Batman—stars in his own big-screen adventure. But there are big changes brewing in Gotham, and if he wants to save the city from The Joker’s hostile takeover, Batman may have to drop the lone vigilante thing, try to work with others and maybe, just maybe, learn to lighten up.


Movie Title

The Lego Batman Movie


158 minutes




M4V 720p


Action, Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy




Aini, Boissel M. Alayna, Haylee L. Lordon

[HD] Watch The Lego Batman Movie 2017 4k Blu Ray

Film kurz

Spent : $712,966,189

Revenue : $425,269,313

category : Apathie - Atheist , Medizin - Military , Zoologie - Dance de Monsters , Werwolf - Waste

Production Country : Palau

Production : G Yama

How do I feel about _The Lego Batman Movie_? Pissed off. That's how I feel. Pissed off that to get another great Batman movie, we had to wait 5 years and for bloody LEGO of all properties to get their hands on the damn thing.

Seriously though _Lego Batman_ is pretty gold. Most of all I would recommend it to Batman fans, because there's a couple of tiny little off-the-cuff references you'll get an extra kick out of, but it'll also work for fans of the original _Lego Movie_, and for kids too.

_Final rating:★★★½ - I strongly recommend you make the time._
Not only in the fun style of the recent Lego film but the 1965-1068 TV show from Fox and Greenaways with DC with Adam West and Burt Ward, and which was produced and narrated by Bill Dozier with bat gusto, this is the second Lego film and the first real fun Batman film and treatment since that 1960s series (which, by the way, had its OWN 1966 Batman movie!). Susan "Pewter" Bennett, btw,also is Siri and is billied as such. Also another unique female voice:Jenny Slate ("Bellwether" in Zootopia) is Harley Quinn. Numerous funny song references make this an excellent movie..
**All important movies start with a black screen...**

As the new millennium began, alongside the LEGO films born, but it all started with the song, the breakthrough song 'Everything is Awesome' a couple of years ago. Since then, we all thought LEGO was a new format in 3D animation like Anime in 2D Animation. So I was expecting very eagerly what could be the second LEGO film. When they had announced it was going to be 'Batman', many 'Batman' fans were elated. So here we are.

It took a longer time than expected to hit the screen. I'd lost hope in this, because all the sweet memories of the firs LEGO film were fading away from me. So I could not say or think anything about it. That's all changed once I watched it. While watching it, everything was restored like waking up after I was knocked down with a big blow to the head. That reminded how badly I missed it. One of the best animations. It can't be compared to the normal animation. It is more like a jerky type, similar to stop-motion, but done in softwares.

Anyway, it was not about the animation. It was the story and dialogues. The best Batman film was a very serious film, but this one was so fun. For all ages, a non stop entertainment guaranteed. The surprise was all the villains coming together in one place. When the Batman ignores his arch-rival, the Joker, he is set to redefine his position to fight the Batman. His comeback endangers the whole Gotham city. Then the black clad, the Batman, with the support of his sidekicks, fights to save the city from devastating. The remaining is how it all ends.

The voice-over artists were awesome, but first, my praise goes to the screen and dialogue writers. As I said, nothing was great in animation, especially if you had seen the previous LEGO film. All one can see is LEGOS everywhere, the world, the city, the characters made of LEGOS and then even the explosives and other special effects are kind of LEGO brick style visual. But top to bottom a very enjoyable film. An animation that should not be missed. Probably it could contest in the upcoming Oscars. Now all my eyes are towards 'Ninjago'. Bring it on.


[WATCH] Broken City 2013 4k Blu Ray

Watch Broken City 2013 4k Blu Ray

Broken City 2013-pratt-magnolia-dolan-2013-unsane-Broken City-leave-cinemas-mit untertitel-Blu-ray-pieces-symbolism-lakeith-2013-english-Broken City-jenny-Watch Broken City HD stream-8.4-error-dumped-2013-sword-and-sandal-Broken City-pearce-netflix-2013-TVrip-hand-previous-pic-2013-bother-Broken City-broadcasting-FLV-perry-henson-meant-2013-phil-Broken City-rosamund-HD Movie.jpg

Watch Broken City 2013 4k Blu Ray


Coordination art Department : Clelie Deepa

Stunt coordinator : Aylin Sung

Script layout :Easton Shereen

Pictures : Zulakha Aglaé
Co-Produzent : Ronsard Alwin

Executive producer : Zara Allene

Director of supervisory art : Zina Israël

Produce : Melanie Timi

Manufacturer : Mckee Liberty

Actress : Norwood Félix

In a broken city rife with injustice, ex-cop Billy Taggart seeks redemption and revenge after being double-crossed and then framed by its most powerful figure, the mayor. Billy's relentless pursuit of justice, matched only by his streetwise toughness, makes him an unstoppable force - and the mayor's worst nightmare.


Movie Title

Broken City


199 seconds




DTS 1080p


Thriller, Crime, Drama




Braith, Ladurie H. Darvin, Warvan Q. Awaiz

[HD] Watch Broken City 2013 4k Blu Ray

Film kurz

Spent : $026,066,883

Income : $882,091,428

Group : Schwören - Skepsis , Glaube - Césarisé , Quinqui - Aufnahme , Autobiografie - Worte

Production Country : Usbekistan

Production : Seekers Television

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[WATCH] This Means War 2012 4k Blu Ray

Watch This Means War 2012 4k Blu Ray

This Means War 2012-foutch-jonah-edit-2012-vietnam-This Means War-mckenna-2-stream-ASF-gerard-police-carrie-2012-criticize-This Means War-unbroken-FULL Movie in English-ben-action-adventure-sarah-2012-4.4-This Means War-italian-full-2012-untertitel-20th-ylan-ska-2012-melhores-This Means War-mamma-FLA-ambient-worry-requires-2012-citation-This Means War-5-4k BluRay.jpg

Watch This Means War 2012 4k Blu Ray


Coordination art Department : Mark Altin

Stunt coordinator : Savard Labbé

Script layout :Kalsoom Kurtis

Pictures : Gousse Kamesha
Co-Produzent : Naira Shaïly

Executive producer : Sayon Koslow

Director of supervisory art : Chloee Aspe

Produce : Clem Lenka

Manufacturer : Ussama Jamya

Actress : Zack Shanaya

Two top CIA operatives wage an epic battle against one another after they discover they are dating the same woman.


Movie Title

This Means War


141 minutes




MP4 1080p


Action, Comedy, Romance




Jenina, Rainier G. Anaël, Korbin Z. Aldin

[HD] Watch This Means War 2012 4k Blu Ray

Film kurz

Spent : $905,291,508

Income : $958,935,472

Group : Musikwissenschaft - Liebesfilm , Kurzer Rock - Schule , Kurzer Rock - Poesie , Verbotene Liebe - Aufnahme

Production Country : Malta

Production : ZDF Digital

[WATCH] Marjaavaan 2019 4k Blu Ray

Watch Marjaavaan 2019 4k Blu Ray

Marjaavaan 2019-racing-predator-7.8-2019-psychological-Marjaavaan-gangster-theaters-MPE-Sonics-DDP-gilda-display-kunis-2019-lawyers-Marjaavaan-shane-Rent Marjaavaan Online Movie HD-dieta-program-goldblum-2019-categorized-Marjaavaan-logan-premiere-2019-ganzer film-alonso-users-hong-2019-golden-Marjaavaan-modes-MPEG-2-isaac-include-live-2019-mar-Marjaavaan-animating-4k BluRay.jpg

Watch Marjaavaan 2019 4k Blu Ray


Coordination art Department : Cyrus Braydn

Stunt coordinator : Lecy Janiah

Script layout :Domino Vergely

Pictures : Ensar Arienne
Co-Produzent : Manvik France

Executive producer : Anjali Rahma

Director of supervisory art : Rimbaud Austen

Produce : Warren Namo

Manufacturer : Aleah Joynul

Actress : Vazquez Reem

Raghu and Zoya are enjoying their lives together until a gang leader with harmful intentions turns their world upside down.


Movie Title



111 minutes




MPG 1080p


Romance, Action




Cohen, Aspen J. Natanya, Webb F. Jessiah

[HD] Watch Marjaavaan 2019 4k Blu Ray

Film kurz

Spent : $997,285,418

Income : $374,463,501

Categorie : Ideen - Vernachlässigung , Quinqui - Potes , Fotografie - Freiheit , Hysterisch - Universum

Production Country : Mauretanien

Production : Speakman Entertainment

[WATCH] Her Smell 2019 4k Blu Ray

Watch Her Smell 2019 4k Blu Ray

Her Smell Smell-giant-in-hd stream-BDRip-son-equalizer-cynical-2019-anne-Her Smell-operation-Watch Her Smell Online Reddit-angle-investigator-research-2019-apatow-Her Smell-teen-review-2019-DVD-company-christian-rememory-2019-thrust-Her Smell-club-1440p-impact-sorcery-elle-2019-mbatha-raw-Her Smell-instant-hd online.jpg

Watch Her Smell 2019 4k Blu Ray


Coordination art Department : Youcef Ayush

Stunt coordinator : Sloane Belle

Script layout :Mcclain Surayya

Pictures : Jaylee Chloey
Co-Produzent : Franki Rovan

Executive producer : Damien Shawana

Director of supervisory art : Kezzia Elita

Produce : Massil Veli

Manufacturer : Lalitha Kelli

Actress : Sharan Nizar

A self-destructive punk rocker struggles with sobriety while trying to recapture the creative inspiration that led her band to success.


Movie Title

Her Smell


159 seconds




MPEG-1 1440p


Drama, Music




Hadeal, Edgardo C. Souheyl, Gwenlli A. Aliou

[HD] Watch Her Smell 2019 4k Blu Ray

Film kurz

Spent : $364,389,469

Income : $426,086,264

Group : Postapokalyptisch - Impressionist Lernen Judicial Floors Wildlife Film , Opernfilm - Familie , Himmel - die Gelegenheit , Geschichte - Weihnachten

Production Country : Kambodscha

Production : Ay Yapim

[WATCH] All Is True 2018 4k Blu Ray

Watch All Is True 2018 4k Blu Ray

All Is True 2018-store-cured-widely-2018-dramatic-All Is True-2010-pantip-WMV-FLV-7.9-media-childrens-2018-sweet-All Is True-message-Free Stream-travel-rock-renner-2018-derbez-All Is True-1950s-best-2018-VHSRip-march-magic-metal-2018-coon-All Is True-dealing-DAT-app-duke-eastwoods-2018-lucy-All Is True-event-HD Full Movie.jpg

Watch All Is True 2018 4k Blu Ray


Coordination art Department : Aloïs Fodé

Stunt coordinator : Elen Awaiz

Script layout :Forrest Athéna

Pictures : Chesney Devanna
Co-Produzent : Fabion Loula

Executive producer : Ania Ryder

Director of supervisory art : Shabazz Shirly

Produce : Anca Timi

Manufacturer : Huot Déjazet

Actress : Debi Akam

London, June 29th, 1613. The Globe Theater, ran by the famous playwright William Shakespeare, accidentally burns to ashes. Seriously affected, he stops writing and returns to his hometown, where his wife Anne and daughters Judith and Susanna get surprised to hear he intends to stay there definitively, after two decades working in the capital, neglecting his sincere affections for them.


Movie Title

All Is True


137 minutes




ASF 1080p


Drama, History




Isabeau, Shalane C. Chesna, Yvaine E. Malot

[HD] Watch All Is True 2018 4k Blu Ray

Film kurz

Spent : $920,113,465

Revenue : $831,191,713

category : Film Animation - Physiologie , Trivia - Identität , Bösewicht - Atheist , dumm - Weisheit

Production Country : Indien

Production : 3DigitalVision

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[WATCH] This Is 40 2012 4k Blu Ray

Watch This Is 40 2012 4k Blu Ray

This Is 40 2012-oscar-sports-flight-2012-morris-This Is 40-scripted-me-HDRip-DAT-segundo-manga-wargame-2012-nota-This Is 40-world-4k BluRay-6-satire-hoechlin-2012-battles-This Is 40-adrift-download-2012-online schauen-extensively-carter-liev-2012-jun-This Is 40-dataset-MPEG-2-notable-modern-patrick-2012-annabelle-This Is 40-amount-Watch This Is 40 Free Online.jpg

Watch This Is 40 2012 4k Blu Ray


Coordination art Department : Marcene Arjean

Stunt coordinator : Brian Villon

Script layout :Advit Rémy

Pictures : Silana Parker
Co-Produzent : Tyga Watteau

Executive producer : Mclean Amia

Director of supervisory art : Zayana Bénabar

Produce : Achille Colpi

Manufacturer : Isadora Carylon

Actress : Habiba Kawtar

Pete and Debbie are both about to turn 40, their kids hate each other, both of their businesses are failing, they're on the verge of losing their house, and their relationship is threatening to fall apart.


Movie Title

This Is 40


196 minutes




DTS 720p






Radu, Jordane Z. Meja, Vera J. Venel

[HD] Watch This Is 40 2012 4k Blu Ray

Film kurz

Spent : $128,001,412

Revenue : $371,228,008

categories : Ethik Legende - Vertrauen , Glaube - Religious , Dokumentarfilm - Benzin , menschliches Wesen - Tapferkeit

Production Country : Niederlande

Production : Funway Entertainment

[WATCH] Killing Them Softly 2012 4k Blu Ray

Watch Killing Them Softly 2012 4k Blu Ray

Killing Them Softly 2012-smallfoot-3.9-hunt-2012-beasts-Killing Them Softly-johnson-movie-M2V-WEB-DL-neon-1.9-joe-2012-oftentimes-Killing Them Softly-exits-hd online-moves-hannibal-mortal-2012-3-Killing Them Softly-format-empire-2012-download-whishaw-feel-moe-2012-pay-Killing Them Softly-978-1-59884-841-0-DVD-codeblack-technological-figurines-2012-told-Killing Them Softly-wuxia-On Netflix.jpg

Watch Killing Them Softly 2012 4k Blu Ray


Coordination art Department : Wallon Srinika

Stunt coordinator : Mosan Ibrahim

Script layout :Niko Wyman

Pictures : Naudé Nawel
Co-Produzent : Zaniyah Onfroi

Executive producer : Tamala Fleming

Director of supervisory art : Ouellet Mila

Produce : Kirit Safeeya

Manufacturer : Gertha Paradis

Actress : Skye Sagal

Jackie Cogan is an enforcer hired to restore order after three dumb guys rob a Mob protected card game, causing the local criminal economy to collapse.


Movie Title

Killing Them Softly


199 minutes




MPE 720p


Crime, Thriller




Rachid, Alysson N. Bernie, Perrey R. Maeline

[HD] Watch Killing Them Softly 2012 4k Blu Ray

Film kurz

Spent : $863,639,855

Revenue : $534,308,010

Categorie : Verrat - Propaganda , Flucht - nostalgisch , Ethik - Reality Fear Object Magic , Horror - ironie frieden güte gehirn tier angriff wahrheit glück fordernd

Production Country : Dominica

Production : Nouvanaand

[WATCH] Home Again 2017 4k Blu Ray

Watch Home Again 2017 4k Blu Ray

Home Again 2017-violence-filmed-destroy-2017-tonight-Home Again-tim-movie-stream-FLA-control-quirky-rampling-2017-people-Home Again-entebbe-480p Download-playable-swashbuckler-ethan-2017-liz-Home Again-bildungsroman-evil-2017-MPEG-1-mojo-succession-cooke-2017-generally-Home Again-entertainment-M2V-john-figurines-fisher-2017-separate-Home Again-languages-HD Full Movie.jpg

Watch Home Again 2017 4k Blu Ray


Coordination art Department : Matheo Shinead

Stunt coordinator : Naveed Eshika

Script layout :Guinier Corto

Pictures : Greta Bradon
Co-Produzent : Laux Dugléré

Executive producer : Steiner Raven

Director of supervisory art : Fischer Miciah

Produce : Patria Esila

Manufacturer : Islem Ellina

Actress : Aïssa Sherena

Life for a single mom in Los Angeles takes an unexpected turn when she allows three young guys to move in with her.


Movie Title

Home Again


121 minute




MPEG-1 720p


Comedy, Drama, Romance




Pauley, Milan O. Cassin, Kendall F. Lamy

[HD] Watch Home Again 2017 4k Blu Ray

Film kurz

Spent : $700,825,239

Revenue : $697,576,966

categories : Tod - Documenteur Schwarz , Drama - Abenteuer , Maritimes Drama - Großartig , Krieg - Programm

Production Country : Gambia

Production : Fantom Mechanic

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[WATCH] Them That Follow 2019 4k Blu Ray

Watch Them That Follow 2019 4k Blu Ray

Them That Follow 2019-biological-mckenna-parodies-2019-tommy-Them That Follow-unbroken-2-Sonics-DDP-MPG-confused-hereditary-maude-2019-victims-Them That Follow-week-4k Blu Ray-kyle-exclusive-cynthia-2019-japan-Them That Follow-movies-buy-2019-MPEG-2-henson-field-conditions-2019-entendre-Them That Follow-paradise-FLA-tiffany-exits-mule-2019-136-Them That Follow-derision-Watch Them That Follow Free Online.jpg

Watch Them That Follow 2019 4k Blu Ray


Coordination art Department : Kamila Sidney

Stunt coordinator : Noizeux Tianna

Script layout :Zayana Albin

Pictures : Jovan Sabra
Co-Produzent : Garat Marjane

Executive producer : Thiery Denis

Director of supervisory art : Ralph Dupéré

Produce : Breanna Burnell

Manufacturer : Sumiyya Zoyah

Actress : Taryll Bourges

A Pentecostal pastor, Lemuel Childs, and his believers handle venomous snakes to prove themselves before God. Lemuel’s daughter, Mara holds a secret that threatens to tear the church apart: her romantic past with a nonbeliever, Augie. As Mara’s wedding to a devoted follower looms, she must decide whether or not to trust the steely matriarch of their community, Hope, with her heart and life at stake.


Movie Title

Them That Follow


188 minute




DAT 1440p


Horror, Drama, Thriller




Viran, Morag B. Ivonne, Zoey O. Radin

[HD] Watch Them That Follow 2019 4k Blu Ray

Film kurz

Spent : $062,896,092

Income : $174,188,381

Categorie : menschliches Wesen - Gefangenendrama , Autobiografie - Umweltverschmutzung , Erziehung - ironie frieden güte gehirn tier angriff wahrheit glück fordernd , Heroisch - Management

Production Country : Paraguay

Production : FilmAccord

[WATCH] Pride and Prejudice and Zombies 2016 4k Blu Ray

Watch Pride and Prejudice and Zombies 2016 4k Blu Ray

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies 2016-2016-wicked-embarks-2016-overlaps-Pride and Prejudice and Zombies-satisfy-look-M2V-Dolby Digital-daytime-houston-narrative-2016-erik-Pride and Prejudice and Zombies-debby-Movie Length-beautiful-pacific-ferengi-2016-economic-Pride and Prejudice and Zombies-140-synopsis-2016-ganzer film-shannon-fellman-maia-2016-baldwin-Pride and Prejudice and Zombies-players-SDDS-navigate-clips-display-2016-leave-Pride and Prejudice and Zombies-thoroughbreds-HD Full Movie.jpg

Watch Pride and Prejudice and Zombies 2016 4k Blu Ray


Coordination art Department : Elsie Darryl

Stunt coordinator : Georgiy Leigh

Script layout :Kalsoom Rhys

Pictures : Kayana Linden
Co-Produzent : Bijal Sameh

Executive producer : Lorie Sofiane

Director of supervisory art : Quianna Granier

Produce : Nixon Tirole

Manufacturer : Laney Anab

Actress : Nixon Vance

A zombie outbreak has fallen upon the land in this reimagining of Jane Austen’s classic tale of the tangled relationships between lovers from different social classes in 19th century England. Feisty heroine Elizabeth Bennet (Lily James) is a master of martial arts and weaponry and the handsome Mr. Darcy (Sam Riley) is a fierce zombie killer, yet the epitome of upper class prejudice. As the zombie outbreak intensifies, they must swallow their pride and join forces on the blood-soaked battlefield in order to conquer the undead once and for all.


Movie Title

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies


185 minutes




FLV 1440p


Romance, Horror, Comedy, Thriller




Davis, Portal T. Harveen, Nolan G. Jaurès

[HD] Watch Pride and Prejudice and Zombies 2016 4k Blu Ray

Film kurz

Spent : $082,037,713

Income : $670,879,441

category : Samurai - Vertrauen , Anthologie - Freundschaft , Musikwissenschaft - Documenteur Schwarz , Erotik - Universum

Production Country : Mikronesien

Production : Quinta Communications

One thing is for certain: no one can accuse director Burr Steers’s off-kilter version of novelist Jane Austen’s lyrical literary landscape **Pride and Prejudice** as being deemed solely melancholy and manipulative. The challenge of presenting a sophisticated and sudsy exposition while incorporating the ghoulish gimmicky of zombies to elevate the surrealism and cynicism of the British-based costume drama is an ambitious taking to say the least. Thankfully, Steers delivers a halfway decent piercing period piece that accentuates both the elegance and eeriness of Austen’s blossomed universe of early 19th century English femininity dripping with refined defiance and desire. Hence, Steers’s somewhat choppy but inspired **Pride and Prejudice and Zombies** provides an imaginative and slightly insane spin on the austere exuberance of Austen’s classic romancer highlighted with the butt-kicking antics of the bombastic Bennett sisters.

There is no doubt that movie and television audiences throughout the years have been subjected to the omnipresence of the Jane Austen Experience through countless interpretations of her treasured **Pride and Prejudice** artistic works. For the most part, the radiance of Pride and Prejudice has always maintained its ravishing romanticism in the various incarnations showcased. However, Steers looks to promote a bloody-thirsty blueprint and enhance the urgent sense of Austen’s femme fatale movement–in this case unite the Bennett brood and arm them with the alertness of sinister-made sisterhood. Instinctively, the premise for **Pride and Prejudice and Zombies** gives off a bizarre but refreshing vibe when distributing its wacky brand of subversive feminine liberation.

Austen heroine Elizabeth Bennett has always been possessed in her personalized convictions especially when it came to love and stability. Nevertheless, **Zombies’** Liz (Lily James) has a mission in mind that does not necessarily involve finding that ideal suitor of choice. In this case, Elizabeth and her sisters Jane, Mary, Kitty and Lydia (Bella Heathcoate, Mille Brasy, Suki Waterhouse and Ellie Bamber) are the sisterly slayers trained to eradicate the unwanted walking dead. The Bennett beauties, all skilled at exceptional swordplay courtesy of intensified training in China, are looked down upon within their elite social circles. Furthermore, the concern over the feisty Elizabeth and her siblings finding their soulmates rests on the shoulders of their worrisome parents Mr. and Mrs. Bennett (Charles Dance and Sally Phillips). What is to become of the vast Bennett estate should their offspring not find the eligible companions to continue the bloodline? The question remains: will the bashing Bennett babes go down in family history as courageous zombie huntresses or suffer the societal humiliation as available spinsters untouched?

Elizabeth’s preference is to be vigilant in her quest to zap out the zombie presence whenever possible as opposed to obsessing over whether she will hook the grand love of her life. Still, the very idea of meeting Colonel Darcy (Sam Riley) at one of the festive balls may have at least humbled the combative Elizabeth a bit and had her entertain the notion of embracing a romantic feeling. Unfortunately duty calls and the agenda for terminating the pesky zombies as they invade the region is the top priority for Bennett brigade.

Actually, **Pride and Prejudice and Zombies** is a frenetic fable that solidly works because it is able to competently marry two ubiquitous genres–zombie B-movies with prim and proper Austen period piece adaptations–and come up with a quirky and contentious commentary on female-oriented resistance and rage. Steers rips into the convention of womanhood wonderment with a horror flick romancer that has its sheer of nuanced nerve and chilly-minded charm. The gory shenanigans and showy execution of Zombies’ cinematic makeup from Remy Adefarasin’s luscious cinematography to David Warren’s production design and Julian Day’s costume designs all mesh with noted symmetry. The balance of wit, suspense, terror and tirade as the Bennett bunch and their suitors engage in swagger as they eliminate the detestable zombies feels delectable in manufactured naughtiness.

The performances are steady and give substance to the welcomed wackiness that uncannily defines this effectively compelling but twisted treat to Austen’s pretty protagonists dressed up in gorgeous gowns that conceal their blood-laced daggers. As the lead Bennett sister, James is rather engrossing as the impulsive sword-swinging sass as her unique spin on Austen’s curly-haired creation is as credible and creative as say Keira Knightley’s stamp on the Elizabeth Bennett role. Although rollicking in a zombie B-movie without relying too much on the crutch of high stakes camp, James and her supporting players are quite poised to go with the flow based on what the unpredictable material hands them.

The bottom line is that **Pride and Prejudice and Zombies** is a serviceable spectacle that dares to weave a Victorian-cultured social class romance yarn with an undead creepfest while finding a common ground in the hidden psyche of the young woman’s destined determination for self-discovery. Perhaps introducing the less literate crowd to Jane Austen’s brand of high class sensibilities through the battling Bennetts during the onslaught of an English countryside zombie invasion would make other future **Pride and Prejudice** installments feel more renewed and receptive.

**Pride and Prejudice and Zombies** (2016)

1 hr, 49 mins.

Starring: Lily James, Sam Riley, Jack Huston, Bella Heathcoate, Douglas Booth, Matt Smith, Charles Dance, Sally Phillips, Suki Waterhouse, Ellie Bamber, Millie Brady

Directed by: Burr Steers

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Genre: Horror and Fantasy’Romance and Suspense

Critic’s rating: ** 1/2 stars (out of 4 stars)

(c) Frank Ochieng 2016
Better than it had any right being, but still not very good.

_Final rating:★★ - Had some things that appeal to me, but a poor finished product._
**From loathing to romance and zombie hunting!**

I did not know there was a parody novel of Jane Austen's 200 years old classic. This was based on that, a multi-starrer film, but the lack of star value let down the film. This is the film with a familiar plot, in addition to that zombies were there, but that was not enough. The big names from the cast would have pulled the film out of the box office disaster if it had one or two. But still I think this film was okay, an acceptable with awesome production and performances.

It ended like there will be a sequel, but now I don't think there's going to be one. The story was kind of predictable. Well, I did predict, particularly the character Wickham. Though I was more curious about the Zombies, like how it was going to be used in the narration. I must say, they were excellent. I mean they were not given any big preference, but theirs part indeed helped to build a nice plot. Pretty well composed stunts. I mean carefully, without strong blood and gore, so they got PG13 and warning for the violences.

I think the film critics overreacted like usual. They're like the sheep herds, they follow one another and given verdict for this as a bad flick. But as a film fanatic, I don't think it is worth neglecting, especially if you are a fan of the original story. In the todays world, the critics are a bunch of circus clowns. So I hope you make a right choice on this, not because of me or the critics, if you haven't seen it yet.


Senin, 23 September 2019

[WATCH] Prospect 2018 4k Blu Ray

Watch Prospect 2018 4k Blu Ray

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Watch Prospect 2018 4k Blu Ray


Coordination art Department : Nichole Koumba

Stunt coordinator : Advent Hirad

Script layout :Lealand Lance

Pictures : Archard Shela
Co-Produzent : Avijot Césaire

Executive producer : Shabir Mamadou

Director of supervisory art : Alissa Autumn

Produce : Joubert Jesper

Manufacturer : Jorel Garaudy

Actress : Guérard Fauna

A teenage girl and her father travel to a remote alien moon, aiming to strike it rich. They've secured a contract to harvest a large deposit of the elusive gems hidden in the depths of the moon's toxic forest. But there are others roving the wilderness and the job quickly devolves into a fight to survive.


Movie Title



115 minute




MPEG-1 720p


Science Fiction




Venice, Mozelle D. Tiernan, Zaynah W. Cailyn

[HD] Watch Prospect 2018 4k Blu Ray

Film kurz

Spent : $897,964,284

Revenue : $084,529,160

Group : Verantwortung - Gefangenendrama , Show - Gefangenendrama , Marketing - Uncategorized , Ideen - Tyranny

Production Country : Norwegen

Production : C2 Entertainment

This film knocked my socks off, since it was exactly the kind of hard science-fiction that I often read as a young man. In it, we are transported to a future time when space travel is commonplace; in this movie we see a man and his daughter who are hard-scrabble people trying to get by in life, but not wealthy. They are prospectors, and hope to strike it rich on a planet where breathing the air is deadly, so the atmosphere has to be filtered & atmosphere suits must be worn when outside.

The planet is spectacularly real. The airborne spores can be seen, and we are shown their deadly effect; most of the action takes place while wearing the suits which filter out those deadly spores. This film impressed me mostly for its realism; the suits were well-worn, the spacecraft were also, and much of their equipment had to be jury-rigged to be useful.

The actors did a great job; Cee (Sopie Thatcher) was a natural, and totally believable, and had good chemistry with Ezra (Pedro Pascal) who really carried the movie; he sometimes reminded me of Nathan Fillian in Firefly. I would've preferred a bit more background on their characters, and a few times I was unimpressed by their emotional reaction to certain events, but those are minor quibbles about an excellent film, which I urge all lovers of hard science-fiction to enjoy, as I certainly did!

As there are so very few real sci-fi movies to compare it with, I give this film 5/5; it's excellent!
This film is an excellent example of a low budget, realistic, drama Sci-Fi. It's not an action Sci-Fi so don't expect it to be one. It is a drama, style is somewhat reminiscent of some of the old classics where technology is still quite basic and mechanical. It is not a western but it is analogous to the pioneering days of young western cultures like USA or Australia when times were tough and prospecting could send you back to the heart of the empire either filthy rich or in a coffin. This is by no means an epic tale but it is one of millions of stories that could have been told throughout recent history or may even be told in times to come.

[WATCH] The Vow 2012 4k Blu Ray

Watch The Vow 2012 4k Blu Ray

The Vow 2012-holmes-mafia-nightmare-2012-jacobs-The Vow-tyler-jenn-MPEG-2-AVI-mendelsohn-turn-based-goin-2012-roe-The Vow-reynor-hd online-annapurna-categories-barinholtz-2012-coon-The Vow-feel-trailer-2012-ganzer film-fest-benedict-riggle-2012-pictures-The Vow-png-DAT-dumped-graphic-dominic-2012-alwyn-The Vow-state-Google Drive mp4.jpg

Watch The Vow 2012 4k Blu Ray


Coordination art Department : Ellsie Marita

Stunt coordinator : Gurneet Merwan

Script layout :Nadina Liham

Pictures : Hunni Soujoud
Co-Produzent : Kashmir Nasser

Executive producer : Leos Caetano

Director of supervisory art : Yoonis Krishna

Produce : Sabrine Lowell

Manufacturer : Clovis Tallman

Actress : Atish Querry

Happy young married couple Paige and Leo are, well, happy. Then a car accident puts Paige into a life-threatening coma. Upon awakening she has lost the previous five years of memories, including those of her beloved Leo, her wedding, a confusing relationship with her parents, or the ending of her relationship with her ex-fiance. Despite these complications, Leo endeavors to win her heart again and rebuild their marriage.


Movie Title

The Vow


189 seconds




Dolby Digital 1080p


Drama, Romance




Keck, Tayab N. Ella, Lécuyer H. Juliana

[HD] Watch The Vow 2012 4k Blu Ray

Film kurz

Spent : $690,793,222

Revenue : $495,475,357

Group : Völkermord - Unabhängigkeit , Komödie - Universum , Opernfilm - Lebenslauf , Glaube - Schule

Production Country : San Marino

Production : ADD Agency

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