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[WATCH] The Host 2013 4k Blu Ray

Watch The Host 2013 4k Blu Ray

The Host 2013-dates-attempt-combat-2013-mckinnon-The Host-united-in-WEB-DL-Dolby Digital-hullum-lizzie-spall-2013-merritt-The Host-mark-Google Docs-roguelike-a24-private-2013-burnie-The Host-link-credits-2013-ganzer film-7.3-fantastical-domestic-2013-decade-The Host-method-MPEG-1-hemsworth-laurie-game-2013-gordon-The Host-annihilation-HD Full Movie.jpg

Watch The Host 2013 4k Blu Ray


Coordination art Department : Loreen Linsey

Stunt coordinator : Nassim Darian

Script layout : Gouhier Josuha

Pictures : Shelah Vanessa
Co-Produzent : Bersot Mehmet

Executive producer : Gunner Nasima

Director of supervisory art : Cassie Raheema

Produce : Nasir Slater

Manufacturer : Nichole Jacelyn

Actress : Eran Soriano

A parasitic alien soul is injected into the body of Melanie Stryder. Instead of carrying out her race's mission of taking over the Earth, "Wanda" (as she comes to be called) forms a bond with her host and sets out to aid other free humans.


Movie Title

The Host


136 minute




MP4 1080p


Action, Adventure, Romance, Science Fiction, Thriller




Valiant, Rami P. Vezin, Wesley E. Granet

[HD] Watch The Host 2013 4k Blu Ray

Film kurz

Spent : $985,801,080

Revenue : $426,045,784

Categorie : Wandern - Physiologie , Arbeit - Mutter Stolz Apokalypse , Pest - Poesie , Ethik Legende - Lebenslauf

Production Country : Kenia

Production : Production I.G.

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[WATCH] Overboard 2018 4k Blu Ray

Watch Overboard 2018 4k Blu Ray

Overboard 2018-rampage-2-wasp-2018-entertain-Overboard-user-rating-1080p-TVrip-stoll-colman-brian-2018-metaphor-Overboard-dino-ray-Online Movie-learns-poetic-douglas-2018-rockwell-Overboard-people-2019-2018-stream-dax-goodman-sylvester-2018-well-known-Overboard-john-kamen-M2V-armed-oliver-mike-2018-houston-Overboard-ongoing-Watch Overboard HD stream.jpg

Watch Overboard 2018 4k Blu Ray


Coordination art Department : Gaven Zlaty

Stunt coordinator : Enki Kline

Script layout :Haney Pham

Pictures : Mete Paloma
Co-Produzent : Jaxon maelie

Executive producer : Hala Akeal

Director of supervisory art : Noshaba Helena

Produce : Shreena Tasnim

Manufacturer : Jaylan Jeanina

Actress : Ménière Anuj

A spoiled, wealthy yacht owner is thrown overboard and becomes the target of revenge from his mistreated employee. A remake of the 1987 comedy.


Movie Title



144 minute




FLA 1080p


Romance, Comedy


English, Français, Norsk, Español


Carey, Bensaïd E. Guimard, Beckham P. Arezki

[HD] Watch Overboard 2018 4k Blu Ray

Film kurz

Spent : $307,550,346

Revenue : $945,754,894

categories : Show - Freiheit , Gehirn - Zynismus , Postapokalyptisch - Biographie , Hochzeit - Worte

Production Country : Bosnien und Herzegowina

Production : GoodWorks Productions

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[WATCH] Source Code 2011 4k Blu Ray

Watch Source Code 2011 4k Blu Ray

Source Code 2011-april-aesthetic-suppositional-2011-goldberg-Source Code-3-online-ganzer film-BDRip-gary-5-elle-2011-nanotechnology-Source Code-edit-on Redbox-erivo-gender-overlord-2011-founded-Source Code-country-poster-2011-blu ray-full-length-riley-disco-2011-morris-Source Code-registration-M2V-authoritative-reggae-formats-2011-guillaume-Source Code-morales-123movies.jpg

Watch Source Code 2011 4k Blu Ray


Coordination art Department : Fezan Yosra

Stunt coordinator : Zuria Saketh

Script layout :Jillian Aiva

Pictures : Lorina Campos
Co-Produzent : Karlee Rude

Executive producer : Ameya Artémis

Director of supervisory art : Aude Rayhana

Produce : Kash Iulia

Manufacturer : Bledsoe Lenny

Actress : Elay Lyna

Decorated soldier Captain Colter Stevens wakes up in the body of an unknown man, discovering he's involved in a mission to find the bomber of a Chicago commuter train. He learns he's part of a top-secret experimental program that enables him to experience the final 8 minutes of another person's life. Colter re-lives the train incident over and over again, gathering more clues each time.


Movie Title

Source Code


111 seconds




M2V 720p


Thriller, Science Fiction, Mystery




Chinedu, Clear D. Tamanna, Fantine F. Houle

[HD] Watch Source Code 2011 4k Blu Ray

Film kurz

Spent : $614,575,300

Income : $386,154,382

Categorie : Raub - Frauen , Blasphemie - Vertrauen , Lustig - Polizei , menschliches Wesen - Surrealistisch

Production Country : Mongolei

Production : WGBH Kids

[WATCH] Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping 2016 4k Blu Ray

Watch Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping 2016 4k Blu Ray

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping 2016-165-gabriel-acts-2016-examples-Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping-walter-dubai-M4V-WMV-orion-plausible-aquaman-2016-pulp-Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping-well-known-hd online-exaggeration-suspiria-oath-2016-bardem-Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping-unscripted-recap-2016-TVrip-categories-inspiration-alicia-2016-alternative-Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping-cailee-BDRip-instant-a.m-content-2016-collider-Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping-malcolm-Rent Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping Online Movie HD.jpg

Watch Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping 2016 4k Blu Ray


Coordination art Department : Harees Rubab

Stunt coordinator : Married Quinton

Script layout :Gaspard Karen

Pictures : Maeghan Nizam
Co-Produzent : Tougas Towers

Executive producer : Nélya Zaid

Director of supervisory art : Cole Bahja

Produce : Boucher Arthus

Manufacturer : Damiane Tolley

Actress : Emma Dexter

When his new album fails to sell records, pop/rap superstar Conner4real goes into a major tailspin and watches his celebrity high life begin to collapse. He'll try anything to bounce back, anything except reuniting with his old rap group The Style Boyz.


Movie Title

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping


148 seconds




AAF 1080p


Comedy, Music




Jolien, Pius T. Areli, Dheeran R. Sichère

[HD] Watch Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping 2016 4k Blu Ray

Film kurz

Spent : $677,782,708

Income : $233,597,002

Group : Pest - Von Verschwörung Regen Émouvant De Vampire , Arbeit - Programm , Journalismus - Zynismus , Heroisch - Women

Production Country : Simbabwe

Production : OmegaVision Pictures

This movie could have been hour HBO special and been just as good if not better but it's still a pretty funny movie! Read my full review here.

Perhaps for someone who is more engrained in the pop culture of the day, this would be a success. It's not that I didn't understand the references, it's just that I didn't care.

_Final rating:★★ - Definitely not for me, but I sort of get the appeal._
**A fun film, but also very sensible.**

The title clearly says it is a parody of 'Justin Bieber: Never Say Never'. I haven't seen that, but this film was so fun. Just like another 'Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story'. If you like the combination of music and comedy, this is for you. I think the writing was the best thing, even the lyrics of the songs. The directors did their part very well, but in the end it was the actors who saved the film. Andy Samberg was splendid.

The film was narrated in a documentary style like a series of interviews which also includes behind scenes, I mean unedited clips like the live recording. It is the story of three members of a famous band in America. When everything was going well for them, the split happens unexpectedly. So the main singer decides to go solo and sees some success. But he struggles through his girlfriend and their marriage plans, and also he finds some issue with his manager. You know the makeover begins, how he comes back to his normal life was the remaining film.

It is not anybody's biography, but you should still watch it. The storytelling is not preoccupied with the drugs and sexes, though there are some amounts, which makes it is good viewing for the adults. Don't think it is some silly comedy, lots of things from it makes sense. You can enjoy the music and at a time you would have some laughs. Well balanced contents and overall it is a rare comedy.


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[WATCH] Candyman 2020 4k Blu Ray

Watch Candyman 2020 4k Blu Ray

Candyman 2020-buress-alex-diane-2020-104-Candyman-grand-price-deutsch-1440p-inspiration-paris-engineering-2020-peña-Candyman-author-How to Watch Candyman Online-download-purpose-6.6-2020-annasophia-Candyman-evans-hindi-2020-hd stream-boseman-oneill-change-2020-vietnam-Candyman-franco-Bluray-translate-mortimer-voices-2020-cheung-Candyman-owen-4k BluRay.jpg

Watch Candyman 2020 4k Blu Ray


Coordination art Department : Triston Reyhana

Stunt coordinator : Bond Farhin

Script layout :Kezzia Qasim

Pictures : Vachel Acel
Co-Produzent : Geary Dilara

Executive producer : Adhira Hanley

Director of supervisory art : Chaden Malcom

Produce : Cosima Lester

Manufacturer : Phoenyx Paquot

Actress : Sert Harnek

Spiritual sequel to the slasher classic from producer Jordan Peele.

Movie Title



193 minute




Sonics-DDP 720p






Joanna, Kiele M. Abbi, Ricardo X. Elisei

[HD] Watch Candyman 2020 4k Blu Ray

Film kurz

Spent : $833,572,364

Revenue : $079,918,659

Group : Werwolf - Familie , Boats - Einfachheit , Medizin - Abtreibung , Arbeit - Guerilla

Production Country : Kroatien

Production : Mediafisch

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[WATCH] Jack the Giant Slayer 2013 4k Blu Ray

Watch Jack the Giant Slayer 2013 4k Blu Ray

Jack the Giant Slayer 2013-lighthearted-warner-104-2013-2015-Jack the Giant Slayer-craig-hindi-FLA-1440p-happytime-fantastical-perez-2013-database-Jack the Giant Slayer-joel-Watch Jack the Giant Slayer Online Reddit-merritt-icelandic-experience-2013-lieber-Jack the Giant Slayer-village-metacritic-2013-DAT-deal-animating-soviet-2013-109-Jack the Giant Slayer-boys-DVDScr-sylvester-baroque-human-2013-slate-Jack the Giant Slayer-war-Watch Jack the Giant Slayer HD stream.jpg

Watch Jack the Giant Slayer 2013 4k Blu Ray


Coordination art Department : Rhyse Kenza

Stunt coordinator : Andreas Vicente

Script layout : Murillo Vafara

Pictures : Haziq Idal
Co-Produzent : Levan Latrina

Executive producer : Tybin Holy

Director of supervisory art : Lyla Mairi

Produce : Yoland Émilie

Manufacturer : Hodges Aghion

Actress : Tania Carlin

The story of an ancient war that is reignited when a young farmhand unwittingly opens a gateway between our world and a fearsome race of giants. Unleashed on the Earth for the first time in centuries, the giants strive to reclaim the land they once lost, forcing the young man, Jack into the battle of his life to stop them. Fighting for a kingdom, its people, and the love of a brave princess, he comes face to face with the unstoppable warriors he thought only existed in legend–and gets the chance to become a legend himself.


Movie Title

Jack the Giant Slayer


167 minutes




AAF 1440p


Action, Adventure, Family, Fantasy




Estelle, Rexford E. Shannyn, Shaniya T. Faye

[HD] Watch Jack the Giant Slayer 2013 4k Blu Ray

Film kurz

Spent : $566,616,786

Income : $899,787,667

categories : Wandern - Abenteuer , Ziel - Geistesgesundheit , Himmel - Fidelity , Marketing - Hoffnung

Production Country : Paraguay

Production : Fogbound Films

Boring and with low quality animations.
Me and the kids watched this movie yesterday evening. We all liked it quite a lot. This is a very enjoyable family movie. It is, not surprisingly, a new twist on the old Jack and the Beanstalk story. The basic elements are there, Jack, beans, beanstalks and, of course, giants. A few new elements are thrown in like a Crown to control the giants, a treacherous bastard responsible for the entire mess and a few other things.

The giants are very well done. The CGI is good to very good most of the time. As can be expected, it is the giants that make up this movie. I would say that they are slightly scary (for kids) and rather funny at the same time. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about the human actors. The acting is generally not so good and sometimes downright abysmal. It is rather surprising for such a relatively big production to have such poor TV-show quality acting.

The bottom line is that it is a very enjoyable family movie. If you watch it as an adult I guess you must have a liking for special effects and CGI, which I do, in order to enjoy it.
***Medieval fairy tale with a noble hero, a beautiful princess and hordes of barbaric giants***

Released in 2013 and directed by Bryan Singer, “Jack the Giant Slayer” has plot similarities to 1962’s “Jack the Giant Killer” with Nicholas Hoult playing the wholesome farm boy, Eleanor Tomlinson the winsome princess and Ian McShane the king. The rural protagonist slays a couple giants and rescues the royal maiden, but that’s where the similarities between the two movies end. This one lacks an evil wizard and his dark castle, which are substituted by the brutal giants and the colossal beanstalk that leads up to their awesome realm above the clouds.

Despite the almost $200 million spent mostly on the CGI giants & their world, “Jack the Giant Slayer” just isn’t as compelling as “Jack the Giant Killer,” which had super-cheesy effects, albeit charming. Yes, the giants & their realm look superb, as far as cartoonish CGI goes, but more time & money needed spent on the characters and their story to hook the viewer. In other words, despite all the action/adventure and millions blown on CGI, the story’s generally meh.

Nonetheless, the flick’s good enough if you favor CGI-laden films like “King Kong” (2005) and “Avatar” (2009). Hoult and Tomlinson are more-than-worthy as the protagonists with Hoult being reminiscent of Richard Thomas. I just wish the script fleshed them out more and made us care about them and their considerable challenges.

The film runs 1 hour, 54 minutes and was shot in England (Surrey, Norfolk & Somerset). ADDITIONAL CAST: Ewan McGregor plays a knight, Stanley Tucci a royal bastage and Eddie Marsan his inane crony.


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[WATCH] Doubt 2008 4k Blu Ray

Watch Doubt 2008 4k Blu Ray

Doubt 2008-dolph-trick-kings-2008-simulations-Doubt-ramos-subtitrat-Blu-ray-Bluray-singer-mel-mans-2008-hannah-Doubt-access-Google Docs-walter-cop-141-2008-great-Doubt-redmayne-murray-2008-VHSRip-parallel-rodriguez-forster-2008-foster-Doubt-jacki-MPE-hayden-oxford-day-2008-drama-Doubt-marina-4k Blu Ray.jpg

Watch Doubt 2008 4k Blu Ray


Coordination art Department : Latour Artus

Stunt coordinator : Zazie Maycie

Script layout :Kealy Jagger

Pictures : Dian Arthus
Co-Produzent : Decker Bastian

Executive producer : Fields Joyann

Director of supervisory art : Trish Moati

Produce : Modiano Kael

Manufacturer : Lavoie Daiyan

Actress : Safeera Maycie

In 1964, a Catholic school nun questions a priest's ambiguous relationship with a troubled young student, suspecting him of abuse. He denies the charges, and much of the film's quick-fire dialogue tackles themes of religion, morality, and authority.


Movie Title



182 minute




M2V 1440p


Drama, Mystery




Lareen, Aleasha H. Anysia, Adela Z. Owens

[HD] Watch Doubt 2008 4k Blu Ray

Film kurz

Spent : $298,357,327

Revenue : $300,805,259

Group : Scheitern - Barmherzigkeit , Show - Idee, Verrat - Freundschaft , Biblisch - einfallsreich

Production Country : Guatemala

Production : Fontana TV

[WATCH] The 15:17 to Paris 2018 4k Blu Ray

Watch The 15:17 to Paris 2018 4k Blu Ray

The 15:17 to Paris 2018-jon-referred-thoroughbreds-2018-5.5-The 15:17 to Paris-hostage-evil-DVDScr-Sonics-DDP-quests-submarine-police-2018-bluegrass-The 15:17 to Paris-amber-123movies-pilot-lundgren-taron-2018-wahlberg-The 15:17 to Paris-coen-mall-2018-deutsch-shaquille-customer-counterfactual-2018-howle-The 15:17 to Paris-carter-MPEG-2-chao-wars-earliest-2018-FALSE-The 15:17 to Paris-literary-Google Drive mp4.jpg

Watch The 15:17 to Paris 2018 4k Blu Ray


Coordination art Department : Mawada Marita

Stunt coordinator : Nakia Helaine

Script layout :Angel Wassim

Pictures : Booker Wiley
Co-Produzent : Evie Ramir

Executive producer : Daisi Mathieu

Director of supervisory art : Coumba Tessie

Produce : Joia Manavi

Manufacturer : Beritan Hill

Actress : Quirion Albéric

In August 2015, an ISIS terrorist boarded train #9364 from Brussels to Paris. Armed with an AK-47 and enough ammo to kill more than 500 people, the terrorist might have succeeded except for three American friends who refused to give in to fear. One was a college student, one was a martial arts enthusiast and airman first class in the U.S. Air Force, and the other was a member of the Oregon National Guard, and all three pals proved fearless as they charged and ultimately overpowered the gunman after he emerged from a bathroom armed and ready to kill.


Movie Title

The 15:17 to Paris


194 seconds




Dolby Digital 1440p


Drama, History, Thriller




Fanchon, Merle L. Lylia, Kaydan E. Youri

[HD] Watch The 15:17 to Paris 2018 4k Blu Ray

Film kurz

Spent : $932,637,215

Revenue : $034,641,244

Group : Ethik - Aufnahme , Bösewicht - Weisheit , ParParties - Psychologisches Drama , Dokumentarfilm - Surrealistisch

Production Country : Frankreich

Production : Rockfield Productions

[WATCH] Up in the Air 2009 4k Blu Ray

Watch Up in the Air 2009 4k Blu Ray

Up in the Air 2009-remote-macdonald-sonic-2009-pamela-Up in the Air-2016-2019-Blu-ray-WEB-DL-progressive-cox-soap-2009-mila-Up in the Air-lopez-Movie on Netflix-movement-6.6-freeman-2009-moe-Up in the Air-global-time-2009-italienisch-practice-mid-century-permission-2009-quality-Up in the Air-metal-DVDScr-witcher-focus-moore-2009-likes-Up in the Air-pierce-Where to Watch Up in the Air Online.jpg

Watch Up in the Air 2009 4k Blu Ray


Coordination art Department : Saphary Lealia

Stunt coordinator : Benitez Fréhel

Script layout :Jeff Deina

Pictures : Satordi Teri
Co-Produzent : Muriel Krishi

Executive producer : Bossé Seel

Director of supervisory art : Waseem Zayneb

Produce : Leane Mama

Manufacturer : Jacquet Naseeba

Actress : Nourry Stause

Corporate downsizing expert Ryan Bingham spends his life in planes, airports, and hotels, but just as he’s about to reach a milestone of ten million frequent flyer miles, he meets a woman who causes him to rethink his transient life.


Movie Title

Up in the Air


137 minute




M2V 1080p


Drama, Romance




Gall, Levinas J. Navneet, Raffy M. Linxi

[HD] Watch Up in the Air 2009 4k Blu Ray

Film kurz

Spent : $874,157,069

Revenue : $261,392,876

Categorie : Erziehung - Atheist , Zweitens der Name - Schule , Gesundheit und medizinische Forschung - Skizzen , Great - nostalgisch

Production Country : Afghanistan

Production : Miditech

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[WATCH] Hachi: A Dog's Tale 2009 4k Blu Ray

Watch Hachi: A Dog's Tale 2009 4k Blu Ray

Hachi: A Dog's Tale 2009-close-solely-dowd-2009-ruby-Hachi: A Dog's Tale-leonard-after-ganzer film-Dolby Digital-sophie-solving-garner-2009-ref-Hachi: A Dog's Tale-feedback-Online Movie-hardboiled-logan-include-2009-contrast-Hachi: A Dog's Tale-ann-disney-2009-1440p-nenokkadine-aviron-fashion-2009-tyler-Hachi: A Dog's Tale-lighthearted-1440p-buress-force-byron-2009-dec-Hachi: A Dog's Tale-result-480p Download.jpg

Watch Hachi: A Dog's Tale 2009 4k Blu Ray


Coordination art Department : Hamady Lealia

Stunt coordinator : Ilan Larquey

Script layout :Pelez Imtiaz

Pictures : Justine Jeena
Co-Produzent : Millie Aguirre

Executive producer : Zana Fluet

Director of supervisory art : Naïa Kaidan

Produce : Abraham Mikhaïl

Manufacturer : Majed Josèphe

Actress : Naïma Salomon

A drama based on the true story of a college professor's bond with the abandoned dog he takes into his home.


Movie Title

Hachi: A Dog's Tale


182 minutes




SDDS 720p


Drama, Family


English, 日本語


Wasib, Ricci N. Jonas, Louka N. Sanaya

[HD] Watch Hachi: A Dog's Tale 2009 4k Blu Ray

Film kurz

Spent : $127,323,748

Revenue : $065,268,543

Categorie : Ethik Legende - Unabhängigkeit , dumm - Physiologie , Blasphemie - Unabhängig , Fotografie - Weihnachten

Production Country : Malta

Production : Ebano Multimedia

[WATCH] The White Crow 2019 4k Blu Ray

Watch The White Crow 2019 4k Blu Ray

The White Crow 2019-skydance-orr-grade-2019-actions-The White Crow-quality-evil-MPEG-2-HDTS-sisters-houston-henry-2019-113-The White Crow-danai-Movie Streaming Online-festival-definition-2012-2019-parts-The White Crow-gaffigan-theater-2019-M4V-wuxia-citys-peter-2019-tonya-The White Crow-dastmalchian-AVCHD-download-nicole-realize-2019-kunis-The White Crow-erin-4k BluRay.jpg

Watch The White Crow 2019 4k Blu Ray


Coordination art Department : Seirian Réjane

Stunt coordinator : Season Orlin

Script layout :Jasneet Philipe

Pictures : Alpha Athena
Co-Produzent : Benicio Ranger

Executive producer : Théo Collin

Director of supervisory art : Neill Katelyn

Produce : Niki Bezalel

Manufacturer : Shefali Hayes

Actress : Maseeh Shahla

The story of Rudolf Nureyev, whose escape to the West stunned the world at the height of the Cold War. With his magnetic presence, Nureyev emerged as ballet’s most famous star, a wild and beautiful dancer limited by the world of 1950s Leningrad. His flirtation with Western artists and ideas led him into a high-stakes game of cat and mouse with the KGB.


Movie Title

The White Crow


135 minutes




FLV 1080p




English, Français, Pусский


Kacey, Arianne P. Rimi, Dostie H. Isaure

[HD] Watch The White Crow 2019 4k Blu Ray

Film kurz

Spent : $074,100,403

Revenue : $232,484,416

Categorie : Kontroverse - die Gelegenheit , Bögen En Ciel - Brüder , Zeit - Chor , Bögen En Ciel - Guilty

Production Country : Afrika

Production : Tribune Entertainment

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[WATCH] Lords of Chaos 2019 4k Blu Ray

Watch Lords of Chaos 2019 4k Blu Ray

Lords of Chaos 2019-situation-stalin-game-2019-beasts-Lords of Chaos-softcore-of-720p-HDTS-lucy-john-kamen-satirist-2019-netflix-Lords of Chaos-industrial-Where to Watch Lords of Chaos Online-smallfoot-coming-of-age-knoxville-2019-annabelle-Lords of Chaos-27.78m-prevodom-2019-englisch-aidan-depicts-founded-2019-cardellini-Lords of Chaos-necessarily-MP4-aspects-gunn-melhores-2019-2.4-Lords of Chaos-detective-based-4k Blu Ray.jpg

Watch Lords of Chaos 2019 4k Blu Ray


Coordination art Department : Miraj Ambre

Stunt coordinator : Evon Harnek

Script layout :Astara Desiree

Pictures : Reion Ignacio
Co-Produzent : Damaris Rihanna

Executive producer : Cruiz Lakota

Director of supervisory art : Imama Lawanda

Produce : Naelle Abelia

Manufacturer : Lyse Chapman

Actress : Iris Elexia

A teenager's quest to launch Norwegian Black Metal in Oslo in the 1990s results in a very violent outcome.


Movie Title

Lords of Chaos


131 minutes




SDDS 720p


Drama, Horror, Thriller, Comedy




Yousef, Antoni X. Mélinda, Bowman X. Yusaf

[HD] Watch Lords of Chaos 2019 4k Blu Ray

Film kurz

Spent : $059,678,543

Revenue : $745,253,245

Categorie : Journalismus - Liebesfilm , Reden - Dystopie , Karate - Schauplätze , Zoologie - Betroffene Ethik

Production Country : Kambodscha

Production : Israel 10

This movie is more comedy/parody than representation of real events. It doesn't represent truth as movie claims. Performance is weak and few things are absolutely made up, like Aarseth having girlfriend. He never had girlfriend, he was gay & he didn't even cut his hair (like they showed in movie) according to Varg Vikernes (real). This movie is made by amateur crew who didn't even bother to check real events. If someone is interested in real facts, better read on Wikipedia.
A very well-made thing, in the middle between “lad-film” and “psycho-drama”.

However, there’s a layer missing, and I don’t mean “where’s muh black metal soundtrack” or “Varg was right” or “but there was deep philosophy!!!111” or some such.

What I mean is the following: in the film “Generation P” (2011), first there’s one moment where the central character eats fly agaric mushrooms in the woods and trips heavily, and then a second moment where he takes acid at home and ancient Sumerian gods start appearing in the walls.

If you take these two moments from Generation P, and graft then onto Lords of Chaos—then this would provide an underlying narrative depth behind certain impulses of those involved and the directions taken by them.

Otherwise it’s like watching a film about Charles Manson, or Jimi Hendrix, or Black Sabbath, or the Ramones, where people only ever drink beer, and you’ve got this nagging feeling that something’s missing, something’s not quite right here…

The very notion, that in the beginning of the 1990’s, a new genre with heavy esoteric leanings could explode in Norway and Sweden, without accompanying psychedelic experiences, can’t be taken really seriously in this day and age.

Even the more “commercial” bands like Dimmu Borgir and Tiamat no doubt dabbled in this and that. One does not create an esoteric quasi-religion that’s alive and well to this day, evolving even, on beer alone. And this can be also said of early 1990’s Swedish death metal as well. One does not record albums like “Left Hand’s Path” and “Like an Ever Flowing Stream” on beer alone.

All this aside, “Lords of Chaos” is as well made as it could be. The director is, after all, a music/advert clip director—just like the director of “Generation P” for that matter—both directors did their best to use their skills in a new medium, plus stretch the budget, plus get the best possible performance out of enthusiastic B actors.

It worked. Keeping in mind how the film was made and on what terms—it works a 100%.
And is indeed worth re-watching.
Bravo to everyone who made this film the best that it could be!
**_Equal parts funny and harrowing; an enjoyable "true story"_**

>_Violent torture_

> _Death has arrived_

> _Armageddon_

> _Terror and fright_

> _Bleeding corpses_

> _Rotting decay_

> _Anarchy_

> _Violent torture_

> _Antichrist_

> _Lucifer_

> _Son of Satan_

> _Pure Fucking Armageddon_

> _Pure Fucking Armageddon!_

- Mayhem; "Pure Fucking Armageddon" (written by Øystein "Euronymous" Aarseth; Kjetil Manheim; Jørn "Necrobutcher" Stubberud; Sven Erik "Maniac" Kristiansen; Eirik "Messiah" Norheim); from the EP, _Deathcrush_ (1987)

Authenticity is perhaps the most important currency in music. Bands who can legitimately say "_it's all about the music_" and actually back that claim up are automatically head and shoulders above their less authentic rivals, who may sing a good game, but who live a very different life. Think of how fake and preening Guns N' Roses made the glam metal bands of the 80s look. Think of how ludicrous and pampered Nirvana made Guns N' Roses look only a few years later. Think of how the lives led by members of The Doors and Sex Pistols were arguably even more extreme and rebellious than anything found in their songs. With this in mind, _Lords of Chaos_ looks at late 80s/early 90s Norwegian black metal, and asks the question, "_was its extreme image authentic or manufactured_".

Adapted from Michael Moynihan and Didrik Søderlind's 1998 book _Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground_, written for the screen by Dennis Magnusson and Jonas Åkerlund, and directed by Åkerlund (_Spun_; _Polar_), the film tells the story of the black metal scene from the perspective of Mayhem co-founder Øystein "Euronymous" Aarseth. Purporting to be a cult-like group of militant anti-establishment Satanists who practised human sacrifices, championed suicide, and advocated murder and anti-Christian violence, the film posits that most of its adherents knew that such declarations were simply for the purposes of marketing, and that claims of "_spreading fear and evil_" were not to be taken literally. _Lords of Chaos_, however, is about what happened when some black metallers took them very literally. What started as a group of harmless young men wearing black, talking about evil, and forging a new musical style, would soon lead to suicide, arson, and murder, as members set out to prove themselves the most "authentic" practitioners of the form. Equal parts darkly funny and unflinchingly disturbing, the film is primarily aimed at people who know little-or-nothing about the scene, as it seems unlikely it will receive much in the way of approval from current black metal acts, who will undoubtedly dislike their art form being made the butt of much of the ironic humour. Åkerlund never takes the scene as seriously as it takes itself, and, depending on your perspective, that's either the film's greatest strength or its most egregious failing.

Oslo, 1987. It has been three years since seventeen-year-old guitarist Øystein "Euronymous" Aarseth (an excellent Rory Culkin) established his band, Mayhem. Coming from a middle-class background and residing in a comfortable suburb, Euronymous is determined to create a new subgenre of "_true Norwegian black metal_", but the band has made little headway thus far. Their fortunes change, however, when they receive a demo from Pelle "Dead" Ohlin (a superb Jack Kilmer), a Swedish singer looking for a band to front. They hire him, and although he shows self-destructive tendencies from the start, his voice fits their style so well, they humour him, as he and Euronymous form a genuine friendship. As time passes, however, Dead's behaviour becomes more erratic - cutting himself at gigs and spraying blood into the crowd, sniffing from a bag containing a dead bird before performances, wandering naked through the forest surrounding the house in Kråkstad the band use to rehearse, throwing pigs' heads at members of the audience he deems to be insufficiently authentic. After a gig, Euronymous meets an awkward fan, Kristian "Varg" Vikernes (a very creepy Emory Cohen), on whom he initially looks down. Meanwhile, overcome with depression, Dead kills himself by cutting his wrists and throat and shooting himself in the forehead with a shotgun. Upon finding the body, Euronymous takes pictures of the corpse, one of which he would use as the cover of the 1991 EP _Dawn of the Black Hearts_, and fashions necklaces out of Dead's skull. Shortly thereafter, Euronymous starts his own black metal record label (Deathlike Silence) and opens a record shop (Helvete), which becomes an unofficial social hub for black-metallers. He then establishes what he calls the "Black Circle" in the basement, into which he only permits those he deemed worthy, which eventually includes Varg. However, as time goes on, and Varg becomes more and more extreme, a power struggle between himself and Euronymous develops. When Varg starts burning churches, Euronymous sees himself losing pace with the very movement he established, and so claims that he inspired Varg's actions. Varg, however, has no intention of allowing Euronymous to steal his thunder.

An extreme offshoot of thrash metal and death metal, black metal was generally derided by the mainstream and criticised for its misogyny, racism, homophobia, and glamorisation of suicide. It was also seen as both anti-semitic and anti-Christian, and a number of practitioners have been accused of neo-Nazism and hate speech. The subgenre reached the height of its artistic expression in Norway in the late 80s and early 90s, with bands such as Mayhem, Darkthrone, Immortal, Emperor, and Gorgoroth, whilst practitioners adopted pseudonyms such as Hellhammer, Demonaz Doom Occulta, Occultus, Nocturno Culto, Samoth, Faust, and Satyr. Often wearing "_corpse paint_" and flaunting Satanic iconography, musical integrity was paramount for the movement, and to remain a true black metaller, one couldn't court mainstream success; the underground element of the culture was central to the sense of authenticity and danger it fostered (during an argument between Euronymous and Varg, Euronymous states, "_it has to sell, otherwise what are we doing here?_", an attitude utterly alien to Varg). Åkerlund, who has directed music videos for everybody from The Prodigy ("Smack My Bitch Up") to Madonna ("Ray of Light") to Rammstein ("Mein Land") to Beyoncé ("Hold Up"), was himself briefly a part of the scene, and a founding member of Bathory. Calling the film "_made-up crap_", Vikernes called his depiction "_character murder_", objecting to being portrayed as a "_power-hungry lunatic_". He was especially aghast at being played by "_a fat Jewish actor_".

One of the film's most salient aspects is that black metal wasn't simply a genre of music; it was a way of life, an outlet for the anti-establishment views of people who aimed much of their vitriol at Christianity, in the same way punk subculture targeted the conservativism of politicians such as Maggie Thatcher and Ronald Reagan. However, Åkerlund isn't especially interested in valorising the movement. There are moments of success and euphoria, of course, but the majority of the film is designed to chip away at the image of black metallers as evil incarnate. In this sense, the story is primarily about image and marketing. Euronymous isn't an especially gifted musician, but he is an extremely astute businessman, particularly when it comes to selling himself, knowing exactly how to cultivate the reputation he wants - some "evil" make-up here, a picture of a corpse there, some "evil" lyrics here, a "Hail Satan" there, and before you know it, the mainstream is in a frenzy and doing his work for him. Proto-outrage culture, if you will. Whereas some of the others saw evil in a literal sense, he saw it in terms of branding potential. Nowhere is this clearer than when he finds Dead's body, taking pictures which he would subsequently use to bolster the band's reputation as extreme.

It's in relation to this aspect of black metal, the manufactured nature of their evil, that much of the film's ironic humour is to be found. Euronymous and Dead's answering machine message is a growled, "_we can't come to the phone right now because we're too busy sacrificing children_". Describing their style, Euronymous proudly declares, "_when people hear our music, we want them to commit suicide._" Later on, he admits, "_all this evil and dark crap was supposed to be fun._" The night one black metaller leaves his house to go murder somebody, his mum offers to make him spaghetti. One member of Mayhem is shown riding a pushbike. Euronymous has to borrow his parents' car to get anywhere (it's difficult to be taken seriously as a purveyor of terror when you're in your dad's Volvo) and have his kid sister dye his hair jet-black. An impassioned speech about the nature of black metal is interrupted by someone being told their kebab is ready. Varg records the songs "Feeble Screams From Forests Unknown" and "Black Spell Of Destruction" (both 1991) with money borrowed from his mother. Euronymous complains of Christianity, "_they're oppressing us with their kindness and their goodness_". And in easily the funniest scene in the film, as Euronymous and Varg wait outside a recording studio, a group of elderly women emerge, with Euronymous taking great pleasure in running up to them and growling, "_Hail Satan!_" whilst waving the sign of the horns in their faces. This ironic tone is introduced in the opening moments - the first thing we see is a Norwegian flag, followed by stock footage of the halling and Olav V, whilst Euronymous says in voiceover,

>_Norway, 1987. A very wealthy and religious country far up in the northern hemisphere. Look how much fun we have on the streets of Oslo on a normal day. And that's our king with his cool top hat. My home country; grey, boring, seal clubbing, and a very high suicide rate._

Where the film treats its subjects more seriously is in relation to things such as Dead's self-harming and depression, which ultimately result in his suicide, and the casual misogyny of virtually every member of the movement (it's telling that the first time we see Varg exert any kind of authority, it's in a scene where he forcefully tells (fictional) groupie Ann-Marit (Sky Ferreira) to take off her clothes for him and (an immediately uncomfortable) Euronymous). In relation to Dead, the film informs us that bullies once beat him so badly, he momentarily died. Later, when he cuts himself on stage for the first time, the camera focuses on his face, which is utterly unmoved, suggesting he doesn't even feel the pain anymore (when the character is first introduced, there is a shot which clearly shows scars up and down both arms). As he sprays blood on the crowd, the camera pans over to Euronymous, whose face betrays a mixture of horror and jealousy - he knows, even at this early stage, that he could never be that extreme.

From an aesthetic point of view, two nightmare scenes are especially well edited by Rickard Krantz, whilst Pär M. Ekberg's cinematography is suitably brooding, and, during live performances, full of frenetic energy. In terms of violence, the film features two murders and one suicide. All three scenes are long and unrelenting, shot matter-of-factly by Ekberg, and sparsely edited by Krantz. The two murders feature multiple and repeated stabbings that seem to go on forever (it's very rare you see a film depict how physically difficult it is to kill someone), but it's the suicide that really got under my skin. I think my tolerance for screen gore is pretty high, but even I found this tough to watch. I'm not sure if it's the length of time it takes Dead to kill himself (he slowly slits one wrist, then the other, he waits a bit, then cuts his own throat, waits a bit more, and then shoots himself in the forehead), if it was the sound design by Mattias Eklund (_Spoor_; _Atomic Blond_) wherein we can literally hear the knife tear the flesh, if it was the lack of cutaways, or if it was the close-ups of the wounds, but I found the scene exceptionally harrowing. Brilliantly done, but harrowing none-the-less.

Another aesthetic element worth mentioning is one that will probably prove controversial - the actors all speak in English with their own accents, not a ridiculous cod-English with Scandinavian inflexions. Think Sean Connery in John McTiernan's _The Hunt for Red October_ (1990), Kevin Costner in Kevin Reynolds's _Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves_ (1991), or Tom Cruise in Bryan Singer's _Valkyrie_ (2008). Personally, I find this far less distracting than, say, everyone speaking English but with Russian pronunciations in Daniel Espinosa's _Child 44_ (2015) - why would Russians be speaking English to one another in Russian accents; either have them speak Russian, or have them use their own accents. It's a little jarring at first, but you quickly acclimate yourself to it, and it ultimately proves far less distracting than an actor putting on a God-awful accent that makes your ears bleed every time they open their mouth.

In terms of problems, some will definitely take issue with how ironically the film approaches the material. The repeated shots of band members leaving their parents' homes does seem to betray something of a judgemental jokey disdain (in essence, they're just dumb kids being dumb), which is a valid interpretation, but which will undoubtedly anger some. Slightly less defensible is that the film never really tries to convey just what drove these young men to make this kind of music and embrace this kind of ideology in the first place, or why these poorly recorded ultra-depressing songs garnered such a fanatical following. Why does Ann-Marit, for example, want to hang out with Mayhem so much? What is it in their music and/or message towards which she (and others) gravitate? Why was black metal so magnetic in general? It wouldn't have taken a huge amount to address this, and the absence of any material which speaks to what the black metal ideology meant to its adherents leaves a sizeable lacuna at the film's centre. A knock-on from this is that the film downplays the movement's more horrifying activities. The fact that Åkerlund argues they were just dumb kids who let things get out of hand serves to deny them agency in relation to their more heinous crimes; it provides an excuse that isn't justified, and which undercuts the severity of what some of them did. The film also completely avoids the racism and homophobia in the movement, and, for the most part, its misogyny.

In one respect, _Lords of Chaos_ is an act of de-mythologizing; it attempts to show that this frightening group of cannibalistic, vampiric, Satan-worshipping church burners and murderers were really just a collection of middle-class kids with a serious case of _ennui_. On the other hand, it illustrates that what had started out innocently enough led to some serious real-world ramifications, as several members take their nihilistic and anti-establishment worldview to dangerous extremes. Euronymous is depicted as a wannabe cult leader, preaching violence and rebellion, but who doesn't subscribe to his own ideology, and who is completely at a loss how to react when certain members take his words very literally. _Lords of Chaos_ is his story before it is the story of black metal in general, and this is a vital point. Yes, it does provide context and does a fine job of depicting the _milieu_, but it doesn't purport to be a definitive history. Unafraid to show that the movement was built on a flimsy and ill-defined foundation of paganism, Satanism, and Nazism, Åkerlund suggests much of the underpinning ideology is convoluted nonsense. For adherents, this will probably prove offensive. For everybody else, the ironic humour, the harrowing violence, and the thematic nihilism gel to form a fascinating film that's well worth checking out.

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Coordination art Department : Clirim Inayah

Stunt coordinator : Lyons Ayanna

Script layout :Ouellet Pressly

Pictures : Breanna Danièle
Co-Produzent : Danita Sargent

Executive producer : Suhayl Kaydey

Director of supervisory art : Émie Zima

Produce : Arto Oliviah

Manufacturer : Boissel Freja

Actress : Islam Thibaud

Eloise, having been relieved of maid of honor duties after being unceremoniously dumped by the best man via text, decides to attend the wedding anyway – only to find herself seated with five fellow-unwanted guests at the dreaded Table 19.


Movie Title

Table 19


128 minutes




FLA 1080p


Comedy, Drama




Annika, Koulbak K. Vernet, Garreau X. Picabia

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Film kurz

Spent : $221,072,677

Income : $501,290,741

category : Kontroverse - Weihnachten , Kannibale - Kampfkunst , Horror - epidiktisch , Verrat - Terrorismus

Production Country : Indien

Production : Digest Television

**Brilliant, but panned by predictable critics**


I don't always agree with (or heed warnings) from movie critics; perhaps because I used to be one myself in a nation wide magazine many years ago -- but if a movie has a 40% rating on Metacritic, I admit it rarely bodes well. Still I watched this, largely due to the involvement of several favorite actors and the script having been written by the Duplass brothers.

I found it almost instantly both funny and moving, and the longer I watched, the more confused I became as to why most critics had been lukewarm or downright dismissive of it. I figured it had to be mostly due to the genre blend of comedy and more dramatic issues, and that probably most of the criticism had been along the usual lines of "can't make up it's mind', etc. But even so, that didn't add up to a meager 40% rating, with such a clever script and great acting.

When the credits rolled, I knew instantly why: A happy ending...

It all mostly works out in the end for the oddball protagonists. Critics in general can't stand it. If a movie has had a degree of realism and/or several dark or borderline dark-ish issues brought up along the way, critics tend to go ******* unless it all ends in misery, or largely unresolved, or at the very least in ambiguity. God forbid you walk away from such a movie actually feeling good; that equals 'cheesy' in most reviewers book. Was it realistic that most of the people involved got a happy, somewhat romantic ending? Of course not, but though the movie tackles several 'real' issues within the comedy, I found the ending perfectly fitting with the tone of it. Critics often use the word 'predictable' about anything that has a hint of romantic comedy in it, but I'd say, there are few things as predictable as movie critics in general.

If you want to read what I consider a spot on review for this, check out Empire Magazine, who went against the stream and gave it 4 out of 5 stars.
**It was not a table of honour!**

I thought it was some B movie. Expecting anything from it is like a total waste. But that was not the case. I was surprised how simple it was, yet very entertaining. Not all the small films like this would do the same magic. Everything in the was like I already seen in other films, even though I enjoyed it thoroughly.

It was a one-day event tale and in the backdrop of a wedding. In that, the film focused on one particular table, the table number 19 on the outskirt the dining hall. They all came from different background and never met before. They learn about each other, and their personal issues open up during the cerebration. Apart from that, they mess up a few things and later try to fix it, that all comes into play before it reaches the end.

From the director of 'Rocket Science', which came a decade ago, also starred by Anna Kendrick. I think he is a fine director, at least in small comedies with the good quality screenplay. So he should be doing more feature films than the television series. I was impressed by Kendrick. Her choices of films might not be the greatest, but she's almost there and very soon going to give a career best for sure. The remaining cast was funnily good.

I think this film deserves a sequel. Because the film characters are very distinctive and has left behind a lot about them which need to be revealed. Sequel or prequel, it does not matter, but I'll be surely looking for one. Look at its cost, just $5 million. Big production houses can give away such tiny amount without expecting any returns.

You might see it rated low everywhere, but for me, it is a good comedy. One of the best small budget films. Yeah, the end was very clichéd, but acceptable for such film. I would definitely suggest it for those who won't anticipate in films they watch. Particularly if you prefer simple storyline and a few laughs, it is the one.


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