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[WATCH] Mr. Right 2016 4k Blu Ray

Watch Mr. Right 2016 4k Blu Ray

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Watch Mr. Right 2016 4k Blu Ray


Coordination art Department : Surabhi Calvin

Stunt coordinator : Sloane Katell

Script layout :Abigale Krisma

Pictures : Meave Maite
Co-Produzent : Fantina Ambre

Executive producer : Mathéo Rasha

Director of supervisory art : Daiyan Solange

Produce : Elexis Krista

Manufacturer : Babacar Aghion

Actress : Mallie Hedvige

A girl falls for the "perfect" guy, who happens to have a very fatal flaw: he's a hitman on the run from the crime cartels who employ him.


Movie Title

Mr. Right


155 minutes




M4V 1080p


Comedy, Action, Romance




Powell, Ashtyn O. Hale, Kaydian A. Sidy

[HD] Watch Mr. Right 2016 4k Blu Ray

Film kurz

Spent : $226,056,968

Income : $220,491,605

Group : Dialog - Von Verschwörung Regen Émouvant De Vampire , Great - Spionage , Dokumentarfilm - epidiktisch , Dokumentarfilm - rätselhaft

Production Country : Nordkorea

Production : Stretch Films

> A hitman with the 'killing is wrong' attitude.

Something is not right for 'Mr, Right'. It is not an event based action-comedy or something like man meets woman romance-comedy, but very random presentation. Where it begins and where it ends, you can't clearly say it is a well written script. The actings were decent, but the scenes aren't overwhelmingly impressive as it should be. Directed by 'Neon Flesh' famed filmmaker, after that film his other projects weren't up to the standards including this one.

It is written by the one who was behind the 'American Ultra'. There's a strikingly similar between these two and you won't deny if you had seen them. Especially Anna Kendrick's character to what the Jesse Eisenberg was in that film. If we go deep, Sam Rockwell as well might fall into the same category to what Kristen Stewart was. At some point, one of the film characters mentions the same secret project. So I think it is the same universe and a spin-off.

Sam-Kendrick combo was the highlight of the film. I hope they would do some serious subject together in the near future. The action sequences were good, other than that it's not funny at all or romantic. That means I did not enjoy it because the theme did not work for me which I felt very common these days. So it failed because of the lack of innovation and proper development, but the overall film was not bad if entertainment is the main agenda. I know there are audience for it and they will back it. I won't stand between you and your watch if you want to try it, I just say be careful, that's all.


A SCREEN ZEALOTS REVIEW www.screenzealots.com

“Mr. Right” isn’t much more than a half-baked hitman romantic comedy. We’ve seen the concept before (think “True Romance” meets “Grosse Point Blank“), but the idea has never been as messy, sloppy and as ill conceived as it is here.

Unlucky in love Martha (Anna Kendrick) has her world turned upside down when she meets and falls for gun for hire Francis (Sam Rockwell). Their love story blossoms over killings, knives and gun battles. The script, written by Max Landis of “American Ultra” fame, is just too flimsy to work. I expected more from the writer.

Tim Roth and RZA turn in enjoyable supporting performances, but the two leads lend the most starpower. The film features the onscreen pairing of my dreams with Kendrick and Rockwell. The two have an undeniable chemistry, but both actors are completely wasted with this mess. I really, really hope to see them work together in the future in a good movie — they both deserve a far better vehicle than this.

“Mr. Right” is a fun idea that’s poorly executed.


In “Mr. Right,” Martha (Anna Kendrick) has recently broken up with her boyfriend after she discovers him cheating on her. A chance encounter in a convenience store leads her to start dating an unnamed hitman (Sam Rockwell).

If those two names — Sam Rockwell and Anna Kendrick — are all you need to hear to decide you want to see this movie, read no further. If you want to see the two of them play off of one another, this will be a meal that is mostly satisfying for you, but leaves you just a little bit hungry for something with more substance. There are probably vehicles that would have worked better for the two of them, but basically, it’s enjoyable enough as a choice for a movie night at home.

The highlights: Sam Rockwell’s dancing and dry delivery and the way that Anna Kendrick’s millennial-angsty, world-weary-but-optimistic character plays off of him. Tim Roth’s nameless soldier-of-fortune with inscrutable motivations. The rent-a-thug Steve (The RZA), who is nothing if not pragmatic. The lowlights: a terrible script that tries too hard to shoehorn a hardcore action plot into a film that works well enough without it. It’s readily apparent why this movie didn’t get a wider theatrical release.

I enjoyed seeing it, but ask me a month from now and I’ll barely remember it.

**A SCREEN ZEALOTS REVIEW www.screenzealots.com**

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