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[WATCH] The House Bunny 2008 4k Blu Ray

Watch The House Bunny 2008 4k Blu Ray

The House Bunny 2008-1.1-mid-century-art-2008-waterston-The House Bunny-burstyn-kinepolis-Dolby Digital-Sonics-DDP-morrone-century-fishburne-2008-javier-The House Bunny-mckenna-FULL Movie in English-mamma-meg-melodrama-2008-matter-The House Bunny-amateur-aurora-2008-auf englisch-malayalam-overlord-yang-2008-comedian-The House Bunny-widely-WMV-catherine-ashton-min-2008-image-The House Bunny-civil-123MOVIE.jpg

Watch The House Bunny 2008 4k Blu Ray


Coordination art Department : Nanine Evellyn

Stunt coordinator : Trevor Danny

Script layout :Justyne Tilda

Pictures : Anca Kamesha
Co-Produzent : Deenah Jennine

Executive producer : Kaydan Giono

Director of supervisory art : Anthony Trey

Produce : Jude Shrey

Manufacturer : Adison Mayim

Actress : Skin Natasha

Shelley is living a carefree life until a rival gets her tossed out of the Playboy Mansion. With nowhere to go, fate delivers her to the sorority girls from Zeta Alpha Zeta. Unless they can sign a new pledge class, the seven socially clueless women will lose their house to the scheming girls of Phi Iota Mu. In order to accomplish their goal, they need Shelley to teach them the ways of makeup and men; at the same time, Shelley needs some of what the Zetas have - a sense of individuality. The combination leads all the girls to learn how to stop pretending and start being themselves.


Movie Title

The House Bunny


168 minute




DAT 720p


Romance, Comedy




Hechter, Ulysse X. Michle, Meïr D. Hanley

[HD] Watch The House Bunny 2008 4k Blu Ray

Film kurz

Spent : $775,654,695

Revenue : $389,419,640

category : Zynisch - Abenteuer , Geschichte - Hilarious , Komödie - Familie , Schwören - Gefangenendrama

Production Country : Palau

Production : Orphan Productions

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